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Mental Health Trends in America Due to COVID-19

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States Lifting Restrictions on Dentistry Procedures Right Now [COVID-19]

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States Lifting Bans on Elective Procedures [COVID-19]

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    Locum Tenens Week 2019: #WhyLocumTenens

    To celebrate National Locum Tenens Week 2019, we surveyed nearly 2,000 providers about the reasons why they started this career path, what keeps them motivated to continue and more. Check out our teaser video to hear what they had to say!...

    Barton Team Barton Team | August 12, 2019

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    "Pre-Credentialing" for Onboarding Locums

    “Pre-credentialing” is a term and process unique to Barton Associates, conceived and used frequently by our in-house credentialing team. The only difference between “pre”-credentialing and regular credentialing is that there is an official assignment and start date for employment during regular cred...

    Julie Shea Julie Shea | August 08, 2019

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    What Makes the Locum Tenens Experience Great for a Physician? Part 1

    I've been a traveling physician for almost 10 years, having worked with seven different locum tenens agencies (and directly with hospitals) in 14 different states. I have had great, and not-so-great, experiences along the way. So, what makes the difference? Read on to find out....

    Dr. Val Jones, M.D. Dr. Val Jones, M.D. | August 06, 2019

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    UPDATED: Your Ultimate Guide to Going Locum [eBook]

    Locum tenens is an attractive and fulfilling career path that some physicians, NPs, PAs, CRNAs and dentists aren't even aware of. Sure, you've heard about travelling nurses, but MDs and advanced-practice clinicians travel too!...

    Julie Shea Julie Shea | August 01, 2019

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    My Locum Tenens Story: Meet Dr. Sharokh M.

    Dr. Sharokh was kind enough to share his locum tenens story with us, discussing his patient experiences and healthcare philosophies, advice for new and aspiring locums, and his favorite parts of doing locum tenens work. Here’s what he had to say....

    Barton Team Barton Team | July 30, 2019

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    What Do You Mean I Have No Say?

    Being involved can mean as much, or as little as you want. As I have grown in my profession and advocacy efforts, I realized there are many things that require little time. You don’t need special circumstances to contribute. Just do it!...

    Kris Pyles-Sweet, PA Kris Pyles-Sweet, PA | July 25, 2019

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    Network Like a Natural

    Networking with other clinicians is an important component of your professional life. Connecting with other clinicians provides a path to developing both your clinical and professional resources....

    Renee Dahring, NP Renee Dahring, NP | July 23, 2019

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    Locum Tenens PCPs and the Doctor-Patient Relationship

    If patients are going to their annual physical less frequently than in the past, does it matter if they see a different doctor every time? The short answer is: it depends....

    Tayla Holman Tayla Holman | July 18, 2019

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    Benefits of Working Locum Tenens [VIDEO]

    If you’re a physician, NP, PA, dentist or CRNA, you know how difficult a career in healthcare can be. Long hours, school loans, office politics and high patient loads are just a fraction of what you have to deal with. As a result, many healthcare professionals look to locum tenens as an option for t...

    Julie Shea Julie Shea | July 16, 2019

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    #LocumLife: The Urgent Care Adventures Continues

    It’s been one month since I’ve started my new locum tenens assignment in urgent care after working a primary care NP for several years. My transition from primary care to urgent care has been somewhat rocky, and I’ve definitely been continuously pushed out of my comfort zone....

    Nadia S., DNP, FNP-BC Nadia S., DNP, FNP-BC | July 11, 2019