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Mental Health Trends in America Due to COVID-19

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States Lifting Restrictions on Dentistry Procedures Right Now [COVID-19]

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States Lifting Bans on Elective Procedures [COVID-19]

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    Can a PA Do That? [INFOGRAPHIC]

    In anticipation of PA Week 2018, the Barton team updated one of our popular infographics. Can a PA meet the requirements of your open position? Read our infographic to find out....

    Barton Team Barton Team | October 06, 2019

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    My Locum Tenens Story: Meet Dr. Craig S.

    Dr. Craig is a Barton locum physician, and was kind enough to share his story with us, discussing how locum tenens is different from his past permanent positions, the benefits for older physicians, staying connected with loved ones, making the most of his time on assignment, and his relationship wit...

    Barton Team Barton Team | October 03, 2019

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    #BecauseICan: Volunteer on the Slopes

    After talking to a coworker at his full-time position, Bradley H., NP decided to try locum tenens for the first time in 2016, realizing it would be a great way to see different parts of the country, while simultaneously deciding on which one state to settle down with his spouse. According to Bradley...

    Ellen Lowry Ellen Lowry | October 02, 2019

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    Life as a Locum Dentist

    Presenting oneself for a locum tenens assignment is like the first day of elementary school. Reverting back to the skinny, little kid waiting in the gym with everyone else, wondering “Who will my teacher be?”, “Who will I know?” or “Which of my friends will be in my class?”....

    Karlene Guasteferro DDS, FAGD Karlene Guasteferro DDS, FAGD | October 01, 2019

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    Assistant Physicians Play a Vital Role for Healthcare in Rural Communities

    To help relieve the severe shortage of rural physicians, in 2014 Missouri was the first in the nation to create a new category of physician called “assistant physicians”. More recently, Utah, Arkansas, and Kansas have also started similar “assistant physician” programs....

    Luke Curtis, MD, MS Luke Curtis, MD, MS | September 26, 2019

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    The Faces of Nurse Anesthesia

    The nurse anesthetist, also known as the CRNA (certified registered nurse anesthetist), plays a crucial role in the administration of anesthesia and pain management. Read on to learn about three CRNAs and why they chose this profession....

    Sonya Brown, CRNA Sonya Brown, CRNA | September 24, 2019

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    Locum Heroes Follow Up: Whitney Holmes, NP

    In early 2019, Barton Associates announced the Locum Heroes campaign. Locum Heroes focuses on giving back and recognizing locum tenens providers who make a difference in their communities, near and far....

    Barton Team Barton Team | September 20, 2019

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    My Locum Tenens Story: Meet Dr. William D.

    Since he began working with Barton Associates, interventional cardiologist Dr. William D. has been on more than 10 assignments across Alabama while running his own private practice. Dr. William was kind enough to share his locum tenens story with us....

    Barton Team Barton Team | September 19, 2019

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    Open Enrollment Time! 3 Tips to Find a Primary Care Doctor

    As fall approaches, now is the time to think about selecting a health insurance plan and a primary care physician if you haven’t already. In a nutshell, when seeking a primary care doctor and associated healthcare facility, consider what the needs of you and your family are to see what would be the ...

    Dr. ​Eki Abrams, MD Dr. ​Eki Abrams, MD | September 17, 2019

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    #LocumLife: The Importance of Self-Care

    Towards the end of my most recent assignment, I started to feel burned-out, noticing that familiar inner tug which was telling me that I was overdue for a break. So, when I started to feel more exhausted and less motivated, I knew it was time for a break, as this was the best way that I could care f...

    Nadia S., DNP, FNP-BC Nadia S., DNP, FNP-BC | September 12, 2019