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    • Barton Associates Leads the Charge in the Growing Locum Tenens Industry

      We’ve always said we’re the locum tenens experts. It’s right in our tagline. And now, hiring app Betterteam has featured Barton Associates in its latest list, “Top 75 Staffing Agencies for Ultrafast Smart Hiring.” Barton was one of 12 healthcare staffing firms and the only locum tenens–focused agen...

      Jess Huckins Jess Huckins | October 14, 2016

    • Living La Vida Locum: What Clinicians Love About Locum Tenens Roles

      We talk a lot about what we think locum tenens can do for you. Empowerment. Career growth. Flexibility. Travel. New opportunities. But we’re not as in the know as you are. In order to truly understand your pain points and what about them pushes you to take on — and excel in — locums roles, we decide...

      Jess Huckins Jess Huckins | July 25, 2016

    • Video: What Is Locum Tenens?

      View Open Locum Tenens Jobs As physicians, dentists, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants, most of your time and energy likely go toward patient care, staying updated on rules and regulations, and trying to forge some semblance of work-life balance.  As such, you may not be aware of all th...

      Jess Huckins Jess Huckins | June 10, 2016

    • Happy National Doctors’ Day!

      Hundreds of thousands of physicians across the United States (and the world) dedicate their time and talent to helping their fellow people. These hard-working doctors, no matter their specialty or where they practice, deserve our recognition and thanks. And today, they’re receiving it — because Marc...

      Rob Indresano Rob Indresano | March 30, 2016

    • For the Love of Healthcare

      This Valentine's Day, we wanted to celebrate the holiday of love with you! We asked healthcare professionals across social media to tell us why they love their profession. We called it, #FortheLoveofHealthcare Check out the results below! Why do you love healthcare? Let us know in the comments be...

      Sara Seng Sara Seng | February 16, 2016

    • Celebrate Valentine's Day with Barton Associates!

      Valentine's Day is just around the corner and we want to celebrate the holiday of love with you! Now until February 14, Barton Associates is encouraging YOU to join in on our #FortheLoveofHealthcare contest to win a sweet prize package from us! Here's how to enter: 1. Snap a photo of yourself with ...

      Sara Seng Sara Seng | February 01, 2016

    • Celebrate NP Week with Barton Associates!

      NP Week is your chance to tell the world about the great work  NPs are doing, get some well-deserved recognition, and win a prize from Barton Associates! Throughout NP Week, Barton Associates will be publishing NP-themed content in the form of graphics and articles to our blog and social media prop...

      Sara Seng Sara Seng | November 09, 2015

    • Celebrate PA Week with Barton Associates

      PA Week is your chance to spread the word about PAs, get some well-deserved recognition, and win a prize from Barton Associates! As part of our PA Week celebration, Barton Associates will be publishing PA-themed content each day from PAs across the country and posting it to our Facebook Page. Her...

      Sara Seng Sara Seng | October 06, 2015

    • Barton's Friday Favorites: The Travel Edition

      8 Ways to Entertain Yourself on a Long Layover "For many travelers, whether it is for business or for pleasure, long layovers can really put a damper on the trip. Luckily, there are some things that you can do to help make long layovers a lot less tedious." Read More Alabama "For healthcare p...

      Sara Seng Sara Seng | August 28, 2015

    • Barton's Friday Favorites (The Health Center Edition)

       1,200 Health Centers serve 22 Million Americans Yearly [INFOGRAPHIC]  "Over 1,200 Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) deliver vital healthcare to more than 22 million at-risk patients each year. FQHCs are community-based and patient-directed health centers that offer comprehensive, hig...

      Sara Seng Sara Seng | August 14, 2015

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