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    • 5 Questions to Ask During Your NP Job Interview

      The last thing you want is to find yourself perusing job ads because of disillusionment or the realization that the job you took wasn’t all it was promised to be. You have the tools at your disposal to avoid accepting the wrong position. Remember, it’s not all about being liked; you have to like yo...

      Renee Dahring Renee Dahring | September 22, 2016

    • It’s Time to See PAs As Healthcare and Executive Leaders

      If you are a PA, you know there is a glass ceiling. It’s been broken by a few, but remains in place for others. Leadership roles are hard to come by — but why? Are PAs less qualified to be healthcare leaders? The answer is more complicated than you probably imagine. PAs Need Not Apply… This mornin...

      Beth Smolko, MMS, PA-C Beth Smolko, MMS, PA-C | September 15, 2016

    • Beat Medical School Debt and Have a Career in Emergency Medicine

      For more than a decade, medical school debt has been increasing at an alarming rate. Debt has always been the albatross around medical students’ necks, but today's young physicians have it worse than any generation in history. According to the American Medical Student Association, more than 86 perce...

      Jess Huckins Jess Huckins | September 14, 2016

    • Make a Hole: PAs and NPs in the U.S. Armed Forces

      It should come as no surprise that the United States military has provided a wide variety of opportunities for PAs and NPs. In fact, the Yale School of Medicine says that the PA profession was born of the desire to make use of the skills medics and corpsmen gained during the conflict in Vietnam. Si...

      Brian W. Wu, Ph.D. Brian W. Wu, Ph.D. | September 01, 2016

    • Why Older Physicians Should Consider Locum Tenens

      In the United States, mandatory retirement (or, as it's more derisively known, forced retirement) policies are illegal for the majority of professions, but there are a few exceptions. When a pilot hits age 65, for instance, he's asked to hand over his wings. Federal law requires special agents to re...

      Jess Huckins Jess Huckins | August 31, 2016

    • Tips for Finding Work As a New Nurse Practitioner Grad

      So you’ve survived nurse practitioner school, passed your national board-certification exam, and — with your head barely above water — you’ve struck out into the job-hunting jungle. But where to begin? They don’t really prepare you for this in school. Never fear! Only a few years ago, I too was fig...

      Dr. Melissa DeCapua, DNP, PMHNP Dr. Melissa DeCapua, DNP, PMHNP | August 25, 2016

    • Escape Hospital Politics With Locum Tenens

      Locum tenens work offers clinicians a way out of the petty squabbles, backstabbing, and Machiavellian machinations that color hospital politics. Yes, these things are present in practically every care facility, but the advantage of going locum is that you don't have to care. Let the full-time docto...

      Jess Huckins Jess Huckins | August 17, 2016

    • Can a Nurse Practitioner Do That? [INFOGRAPHIC]

      Think you need to hire a physician to fill an opening at your hospital, practice, or organization? Not necessarily: A nurse practitioner (NP) may be able to get the job done, says Tay Kopanos, DNP, NP, the Vice President of State Government Affairs for the American Association of Nurse Practitioners...

      Cheryl Alkon Cheryl Alkon | August 12, 2016

    • The Benefits of Locum Tenens vs. Full-Time Work in Healthcare

      When you were in school, did you imagine that you’d graduate and get a traditional full-time job in healthcare? Many healthcare providers imagine this path: it seems clear, straightforward, and in line with what society expects. Today’s workforce, however, is exploring alternate options. A recent I...

      Emma Siemasko Emma Siemasko | August 11, 2016

    • Don't Let Job Uncertainty Scare You Away From Locum Tenens

      It's natural for any professional to feel uncertain about the future when they leave (or plan to leave) their job. This dilemma is less dramatic for locum tenens clinicians, who, by the very nature of their career choice, are always moving on to some fresh opportunity. Providers who have never work...

      Jess Huckins Jess Huckins | August 03, 2016

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