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    • Tax Guide for Locum Tenens Providers (2017 Edition)

      Healthcare tax expert Andrew D. Schwartz, CPA, partnered with the Barton Associates team to develop the "Tax Guide for Locum Tenens Providers," which demystifies the tax-return process and helps you get the most out of your tax returns!...

      Barton Team Barton Team | January 06, 2017

    • Get Our Free Guide to Starting Your Locum Tenens Career

      Where do you see your career in 2017? Download our free resource, “Your Ultimate Guide to Going Locum," to discover more about how locum tenens can help you achieve your goals....

      Barton Team Barton Team | December 28, 2016

    • How to Achieve Work-Life Balance in Healthcare

      Work-life balance is the relationship between your work and the rest of your life, and how these commitments affect one another. Having work-life balance can reduce stress levels, increase focus and concentration, result in higher job satisfaction, and improve health. ...

      Barton Team Barton Team | December 13, 2016

    • Trying Locum Tenens? Have a Good Sense of Humor!

      Whether you are a locum tenens or full-time provider, using humor in the clinical setting can go a long way. Navigating your work environment, tending to administrative duties, and caring for patients require time and attention and can sometimes be challenging. Keeping the mood light when appropria...

    • Video: 5 Myths About Locum Tenens

      Maybe you have heard about locum tenens, but haven’t explored further because you have some concerns. This is understandable! Because the locum lifestyle is different from a traditional medical career, there are many myths surrounding it. As a result, it can be easy to mix up fact and fiction. Chec...

      Sara Seng Sara Seng | September 30, 2016

    • Why Older Physicians Should Consider Locum Tenens

      In the United States, mandatory retirement (or, as it's more derisively known, forced retirement) policies are illegal for the majority of professions, but there are a few exceptions. When a pilot hits age 65, for instance, he's asked to hand over his wings. Federal law requires special agents to re...

      Jess Huckins Jess Huckins | August 31, 2016

    • Escape Hospital Politics With Locum Tenens

      Locum tenens work offers clinicians a way out of the petty squabbles, backstabbing, and Machiavellian machinations that color hospital politics. Yes, these things are present in practically every care facility, but the advantage of going locum is that you don't have to care. Let the full-time docto...

      Jess Huckins Jess Huckins | August 17, 2016

    • Can a Nurse Practitioner Do That? [INFOGRAPHIC]

      Think you need to hire a physician to fill an opening at your hospital, practice, or organization? Not necessarily: A nurse practitioner (NP) may be able to get the job done, says Tay Kopanos, DNP, NP, the Vice President of State Government Affairs for the American Association of Nurse Practitioners...

      Cheryl Alkon Cheryl Alkon | August 12, 2016

    • The Benefits of Locum Tenens vs. Full-Time Work in Healthcare

      When you were in school, did you imagine that you’d graduate and get a traditional full-time job in healthcare? Many healthcare providers imagine this path: it seems clear, straightforward, and in line with what society expects. Today’s workforce, however, is exploring alternate options. A recent I...

      Emma Siemasko Emma Siemasko | August 11, 2016

    • Don't Let Job Uncertainty Scare You Away From Locum Tenens

      It's natural for any professional to feel uncertain about the future when they leave (or plan to leave) their job. This dilemma is less dramatic for locum tenens clinicians, who, by the very nature of their career choice, are always moving on to some fresh opportunity. Providers who have never work...

      Jess Huckins Jess Huckins | August 03, 2016

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