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All three steps of USMLE must be passed within 10 years of one another. If the applicant took more than three attempts to pass any one step of the exam, the file must be reviewed by the board liaison to determine if an oral exam is required. Any "yes" answers will need to be reviewed and may require an in-person interview. Locum tenens licenses can be renewed up to three times each for a period of 90 days. Each renewal request must be accompanied by a new letter of need from the facility as well as a $10 check.

name West VirginiaMD

Applicants must complete USMLE in 10 consecutive years with a score of 75 percent or better on each one.

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West Virginia DOs have a state CSR.

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Applicants who take any step of the license exam more than four times must also be board certified. Applicants who haven't passed a licensing exam or become initially board certified or re-certified in the past 10 years are required to take the SPEX.

name PennsylvaniaDO

The board doesn't give time frames and processes all applications on a first come, first serve basis. They don't expedite. An online child abuse course must be taken before they can issue a license. As of July 2017, the board requires an opioid requirement be complete one year from licensure. According to section 9.1(a) of ABC-MAP*, all prescribers or dispensers (as defined in Section 3 of ABC-MAP) who are applying for licensure/certification must complete at least four hours of board-approved education consisting of two hours in pain management or the identification of addiction and two hours in the practices of prescribing or dispensing of opioids. Providers who did an allopathic internship must submit an application from the American Osteopathic Association. The AOA currently recognizes ACGME training as AOA training to allow DOs to become board eligible in their respective specialties and for licensure in the states that require an OGME-1 year. In addition, DOs transferring from an ACGME program to an AOA residency program must have an approved OGME-1 year before entering the program.

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This is a UA application.

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The board does have an expedited license but can't provide a time frame.

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FCVS is required. If the applicant doesn't already have an FCVS account, it will prolong the process. If the provider does not have an assignment there, CSR will be pending for the state. Once an assignment is made, the board will contacted and the CSR will be issued within the week. The board will then send a letter to the provider to complete DEA information.