Become a LocumMotion™ Provider!

Practicing medicine as a traveler is exciting! Visiting new locations, meeting other locum tenens providers, and serving underserved communities are just a few reasons why providers choose the locum life. Barton Associates wants to see our Locums in Motion with our LocumMotion campaign!

LocumMotion™ - How it Works


We recognize the exceptional work that all locum tenens providers do every day, across the country, sometimes in remote locations. In order to bring awareness to the locum life and all locum providers, we launched our LocumMotion™ campaign.

How to be a LocumMotion™ Motivator

1. Take photos while on assignment: At the airport, in your hotel, on the job, or even walking your dog. Snap a photo wherever you can document your travels!

2. Share you photos with Barton: One you’ve snapped those photos, and added your after effects, simply send them along to, send us a private message on social media, or simply tag us in your social posts.

3. Receive your LocumMotion™ Badge in the mail – While it isn’t actually a badge, it is a free gift for you to show our appreciation.


And, once you get your free gift, share that on social media too!