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At Barton Associates, we place locum tenens physiciansNPs, PAs, dentists, and CRNAs in all 50 states. Whether you are a seasoned provider or just getting into the locum tenens market, Barton Associates has the experience and the resources to find you the perfect opportunity and get you to that assignment quickly and efficiently.

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Barton Associates is a leading national healthcare staffing company. We recruit physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, dentists, and CRNAs in a wide variety of specialties, and can quickly place them in locum tenens assignments at hospitals, practices, and organizations nationwide.

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Barton and Locum Tenens


Barton Associates is a leading national locum tenens agency for physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, dentists, and CRNAs. We have the experience, resources, and scale needed to efficiently match talented healthcare providers with great hospitals, medical practices, and companies across the country in a wide variety of practice settings.

  • What Is Locum Tenens?

    If you’re a physician, NP, PA, CRNA or dentist, you know how difficult a career in healthcare can be. Long hours, school loans, and high patient loads are just a fraction of what you have to deal with. As a result, many healthcare professionals look to locum tenens as an option for their next career move For those not fluent in Latin, “locum tenens” translates to “place holder.” In the medical...

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  • PA State Laws - Interactive Map

    This interactive guide offers a snapshot of each state's licensing requirements and guidelines for physician assistants. ...

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  • PA Scope of Practice Laws

    Interactive PA Scope of Practice Law Guide All physician assistants must practice with a collaborating physician; however, state laws dictate the extent of that relationship. This interactive guide provides an overview of PA scope of practice laws by state with regard to the Six Key Elements of a Modern PA Practice Act from the American Academy of PAs (AAPA). For more information on specific state laws, consult your state’s PA practice act...

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  • Balancing Life and Work as a...

    Shutterstock 617840372

    POSTED: December 12, 2019

    As a locum, you have more control over your work hours than most. That’s why you chose this gig - for freedom. Yet, we still need to pay for the lives we lead outside work - the mortgage, car payment, utilities, child care, health care, groceries, entertainment, travel; you name it, we pay for it. So how do we find our best life balance?...

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  • How Much More Can I Make...

    Shutterstock 606777272

    POSTED: December 11, 2019

    By now, you’ve probably heard that locum tenens, or temporary, contract providers make more money than providers in permanent positions. If you’ve never worked a locum tenens assignment before, you’ve probably wondered, exactly how much more money can I make as a locum tenens provider?...

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  • My Locum Tenens Story: Meet Dr

    Stephen Feat

    POSTED: December 10, 2019

    Over approximately two years of working with Barton Associates, Dr. Stephen K. has been on several locum tenens assignments in pediatrics. Dr. Stephen was kind enough to share his locum tenens story with us....

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