Locum Tenens Nurse Practitioners

Locum Tenens Nurse Practitioners

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Barton Associates is a leading agency for locum tenens and travel nurse practitioner jobs, with well over a decade of experience placing locum tenens nurse practitioners (NPs) on short and long-term assignments throughout the US. We’re NP experts who know how to navigate your job search, licensing and credentialing, travel, interviews, and payment.


Demand for locum NP providers remains at an all-time high! Take advantage of the freedom, flexibility, work experience, and unmatched earning potential that comes with locum tenens nurse practitioner jobs through Barton.

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NP locum experts 1 out of 3 providers Barton works with are nurse practitioners.  We’re the travel nurse practitioner experts, placing NPs long before the competition.

Np specialtiesOpen assignments for 60+ NP specialties. With hundreds of Locum NP jobs open monthly at top facilities throughout the US, your next assignment is waiting.

NP salaryLocum nurse practitioners make up to 63% more than their perm counterparts. Plus, we’ll handle travel and licensing expenses.

Barton's Nurse Practitioners Share Their Stories

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Nadia, a Barton Associates locum NP, shares her experience working with Barton, how her career has been shaped by locum tenens, and her relationship with her recruiter.

Locum Nurse Practitioner Resources

Questions About Working Locum NP Jobs? We're Here to Help!

Nurse Practitioner Scope of Practice by State

Our scope of practice wheel includes a state-by-state rundown of NP practice authority, including prescriptive authority, autonomous practice, and which states recognize NPs as primary care providers.

How to Get an NP License in Another State

The experts at Barton handle the licensing logistics (and fees) for you, but it’s still helpful to understanding how NP licensing works. Read on for an overview of NP licensing and the quickest states to acquire a license.

Nurse Practitioner Salary Guide

Locum NPs earn more money than their perm counterparts! Get all your locum and perm NP salary questions answered.


Barton works with NPs across 120+ specialties. These include, but are not limited to, the most common NP specialties identified by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) in its survey of providers:

  1. Family Practice: 70.3%
  2. Adult-Gerontology Primary Care: 8.9%
  3. Psychiatric/Mental Health: 6.5%

Visit our job board for all open locum jobs.

NP Jobs Near me

Explore open NP jobs throughout the US. Whether you want to travel for your next assignment or find a nurse practitioner job near your current residence, we have an assignment for you.

Top States by Open NP Jobs

Explore the top states by average open locum NP assignments over the last three months:

  1. California NP Jobs
  2. New York NP Jobs
  3. New Jersey NP Jobs
  4. Oregon NP Jobs
  5. Massachusetts NP Jobs

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Hear from our NPs on why they chose locum nurse practitioner work

Nurse Practitioners Choose Locum Tenens Work ... for a Better Work-Life Balance

Work Life Balance Locum Tenens

Whitney, H., CNP, who won the Locum Hero Award in 2020, says that locum tenens NP jobs provide her the freedom she never had when working permanent roles in hospitals and facilities.

When between trips abroad, Whitney works as a locum tenens provider with Barton Associates, taking assignments mainly in underserved areas throughout the United States. According to Whitney, locum tenens have given her the freedom and flexibility to make her frequency of volunteering possible. Learn more about Whitney, her volunteer work, locum tenens and more!

Nurse Practitioners Choose Locum Tenens Work to...Give Back

Locum Tenens Flexibility Quote

For Locum Hero Winner Heather H., FNP, locum tenens work provides the necessary flexibility she needs to live a happy life, including the humanitarian work that won her Barton’s 2020 Locum Hero award.

“It’s the work-life balance. I feel like locum tenens allows me to find that balance between work, humanitarian volunteering, and time with my family and friends. It’s provided me an opportunity to have balance in my life, which is key for happiness.

She also advises prospective locum providers to try it out: “If it fits with your life and with your goals, I would do it. Don’t be afraid. You can learn anywhere. I’m still in the novice phase of being a provider, but I continue to learn every day from my patients and others with whom I work.”

Read more of Heather’s story.

Nurse Practitioners Choose Locum Tenens Work to... Gain Experience in a Different Specialty

Locum Tenens Specialty Quotes

Many nurse practitioners work locum tenens jobs for a change of pace, or to gain experience in a different specialty.

Nadia S. DNP, FNP, used locum work to take on exciting new challenges.

“Although I’ll always have a heart for primary care, after several years of working in family practice, I started to feel the urge to branch out into a different area of medicine. I was ready for a change of pace and to use my hands-on procedural skills more. Thankfully, as a locum tenens provider, I have the ability to choose contracts that best fit my lifestyle and preference. So, when the opportunity came up to work in an urgent care setting, I jumped at the chance when offered the position.” – Nadia S. DNP, FNP    Read Nadia’s NP story!

Nurse Practitioners Choose Locum Tenens Work to... Travel More and Avoid Burnout

Locum Tenens Burnout Quotes

To most healthcare providers, working from the beach may seem impossible. But that’s exactly how Terry spent her winter as a locum NP:

“I got a telemedicine locum assignment,” she says. “And I did it from the beach or the pool, it was awesome. And I have to tell you, when I had anxious patients on the phone, I would just show my video. If I was at the ocean, they would hear the ocean in the background and ask “are you at the beach?” I’m like “yeah! Do you want to look at it?” And I would show them the waves and stuff. And it just totally calmed them down! They felt great.”

Learn more about Terry’s travels as a locum NP



    Travel Nurse Practitioner FAQs

  • What is a Travel Nurse Practitioner?

    • A Travel Nurse Practitioner (NP) has much of the same responsibilities as a permanent NP. However, Travel NPs are considered locum tenens providers, and work away from their permanent location to fill temporary, and often urgent staffing needs at facilities around the country for weeks, or months at a time. NPs choose to become Travel NPs for a variety of reasons, including work experience, flexibility, increased salary, and of course, the opportunity to travel.

  • What is the Difference Between a Travel Nurse and a Locum Tenens NP?

    • There isn’t a real difference between a Travel Nurse Practitioner and a Locum Tenens Nurse Practitioner; the two terms are mostly interchangeable. The most notable difference is the implication of travel. While Locum Tenens Nurse Practitioners do often travel for an assignment, they may also work local assignments with no travel required.

      The difference between a Travel Nurse and a Locum Tenens Nurse Practitioner, however, is much more substantial.  Nurse Practitioners and Travel Nurses are both RNs, but NPs are considered Advanced Practice Registered Nurses. That is, all NPs are RNs, but not all RNS are NPs. Locum NPs have more autonomy and authority to prescribe and diagnose (depending on the state) than Travel Nurses, among other differences.

      Travel Nurses are also more likely to operate as W2 employees than Locum Tenens NPs, who are classified as independent contractors.  This is partly because travel nurse assignments tends to be at least three months as a particular faculty, while locum NP assignments are often shorter, although long-term locum NP assignments certainly exist.

      Many locum tenens Nurse Practitioners started out as Travel Nurses, and swap to become a Travel NP for reasons related to travel opportunity, flexibility, and earnings potential. You can learn more about the transition with our blog on making the swap from Travel Nursing to Locum Tenens.

  • Can a Permanent Nurse Practitioner become a Travel NP?

    • Absolutely, yes! At any time, current Permanent NPs could make the switch to locum tenens and begin working Travel NP assignments. Because NP programs and degrees are designed to fulfill the requirements of national certification, it is fairly easy to achieve an NP license in a new state, with the entire process often taking just 6 weeks. In fact, amidst NP talent shortages, and an increased demand for  travel nurse practitioner jobs, states (and facilities) are making it easier than ever to become a travel NP.

      Additionally, Barton Associates cover travel, housing, and handle your licensing, making now a great time to become a Travel Nurse Practitioner. 

  • Do Travel NPs make more money than Permanent NPs?

    • Traditionally, yes. Wages tend to be higher as a Travel NP due to supply/demand and the ability to negotiate. For that reason alone, working as a Travel NP tends to be more lucrative than working as a Permanent NP.  Travel Nurse Practitioner starting rates can be as much as 57% higher than the national average hourly rate for permanent Nurse Practitioners depending on location, specialty, and demand.

      For high-demand specialties and locations, earnings potential jumps even higher. For example. in states like Missouri with some of the largest gaps in nurse practitioner care, travel nurse practitioners earn up to 108% more than their permanently employed counterparts.


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Once you’ve had a chance to evaluate your list of opportunities, your Barton rep will submit your information to facility you want to take an assignment at.

If there’s a match, we’ll work with the client manager on next steps.



Don’t worry! Barton Associates will handle licensing, credentialing, and travel arrangements before you arrive.

Your Barton rep will also work with your new facility to ensure you’re set up and ready to go on day one.


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