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Can Abnormal Motor Movements be Assessed Remotely Using Telepsychiatry Techonology?

Telepsychiatry describes the delivery of mental health care through electronic communications. The increase in availability of these services solicits the question, can prescribers accurately conduct the Abnormal Involuntary Movement Scale (AIMS) assessment through video-conferencing? A 2011 trial conducted at the Veterans Administration (VA) Medical Center in Buffalo, New York says yes. High-quality research has repeatedly demonstrated that remote psychiatric assessments, whether through telephone or two-way video, are as equally effective as in-person interviews. A meta-analysis published in 2005, for example, found no difference in accuracy or satisfaction between telepsychiatric evaluations and those delivered face-to-face (Hyler, Gangure, & Batchelder). Since then, […]


Business Travel Tips for Locum Tenens Providers

Being able to travel across the United States and experience new places, foods, and cultures is one of the top reasons physicians, PAs, nurse practitioners, and dentists choose locum tenens work. However, there are a lot of perks that come with traveling for business that you might not have considered. Below are some tips to help you get the most out of your locum tenens travel. Sign up for hotel and airline rewards programs Loyalty rewards programs allow you to stock up on points that eventually could add up to free travel or hotel stays. Loyalty programs are free to […]


New app sends doctors to your door

Heal, a California-based startup company, is looking to bring convenience and efficiency to the healthcare system in San Francisco, much the way Uber did with transportation. For $99, Heal sends a primary care doctor straight to your front door to treat noncomplex health complaints, such as a feverish child; illnesses which typically drive traffic into primary care offices. With just the tap of a button, this on-demand health care company can help minimize the waiting room line in a doctor’s office, and help patients gain quick answers to their health questions or prescriptions. Dr. Renee Dua, a practicing nephrologist, and […]


7 Items That Add a Piece of Home to a Locum Tenens Assignment

Exploring a new city, tasting new food, and connecting with new people are just a few of the benefits of locum tenens assignments. While traveling can be exciting, even the nicest hotel can begin to feel drab after a few weeks. Never fear! Below, we have outlined a few items you can bring with you on assignment that will make any hotel feel like a home away from home.  Small Mementos Bring along those photographs you keep on your nightstand. Pictures of friends, family, or pets can be very comforting when spending time away from loved ones. Consider a light-weight […]


Alabama healthcare task force seeks new solutions to rural healthcare

Governor Robert Bentley of Alabama recently signed an executive order that creates a 38 member Alabama Health Care Improvement Task Force comprised of doctors, medical school leaders, hospital administrators, government officials, and other medical health professionals. The executive order cites the primary care physician shortage, the prevalence of chronic illnesses, and the high rate of hospital closures in the state as some of the major issues the task force hopes to solve. Governor Robert Bentley, a physician himself, states, “Alabama faces serious problems with chronic conditions. Many of our health issues are related to lifestyle choices, poverty and access to […]