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The struggle for physicians to find a work-life balance

With more focus than ever placed on “having it all,” devoting exactly the right time to a productive career and satisfying home life is a never-ending battle. Having a work-life balance can reduce stress levels, increase focus and concentration levels, result in higher job satisfaction, and improve health. However, a recent study in the Archives of Internal Medicine found that physicians were almost two-times as likely to be unsatisfied with their work-life balance as those in other careers. The inability to achieve a work-life balance contributes to an alarming trend of physician burnout. Physician burnout is described as a “pervasive healthcare problem […]


Locum tenens: A great option for working parents

I want to tell you that locum tenens is really a great option for a working parent. We always say that you can work as much or as little as you want. This is truly the case. You could start working one week or weekend a month, or one day a week, or three shifts a month. Whatever you want! Then as you desire to work more, you can. You are allowed to say no to any and all job opportunities as they arise. Depending on your child care situation, it might be nice to go and stay in a quiet hotel for a weekend while you work.


Step closer to Interstate Medical Licensure Compact

The Federation of State Medical Board (FSMB) released a final version of its Interstate Medical Licensure Compact last week. The compact would allow physicians who have a license in one state to apply to receive an expedited medical license in another state that has adopted the compact.


Are you ready to Retire? How locum tenens can help.

If retirement is quickly approaching and you find that you are not ready to hit the beaches or golf courses just yet, locum tenens may be a great solution to supplement your retirement income.


Will today’s Apple event revolutionize the health industry?

All eyes are on Apple today as the tech giant is expected to unveil a number of new devices including, two new phones, a new tablet, and a wearable device the media has named the “iWatch”. Apple is also expected to unveil its latest operating system, iOS 8, which features a new “Health” app that has the potential to “revolutionize how the health industry interacts with people,” as stated by Mayo Clinic’s CEO, Dr. John H. Noseworthy.