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National physician association says healthcare technology is no substitute for physician visits

Members of the American Osteopathic Association’s (AOA) House of Delegates have a message for patients, “Beware of health apps!” During the AOA’s annual meeting in Chicago, delegates adopted a resolution to educate patients about the dangers of relying solely on medical websites or mobile apps to self-diagnose illness or injury. Although mobile applications and system-checker websites, such as WebMD, can help patients better understand their health and make healthy choices, they are a poor substitute for a physician visit.


Healthcare communication breakdown [INFOGRAPHIC]

This week’s infographic is short, but powerful. The latest visual from The Digital PA presents numbers and figures related to patient-provider interactions, and they are a bit alarming. Mainly, only 20% of the information discussed in a patient-provider conversation is retained, and of that information, only 10% is remembered correctly. With so much focus on preventive medicine and keeping patients out of the hospital, improving the conversations between patients and providers is essential.


4 ways to improve patient throughput and reduce ER overcrowding

Emergency room overcrowding continues to be a costly struggle for many hospitals and healthcare organizations. Patients who are admitted to the hospital from a crowded ER typically spend more time in the hospital, cost more to treat, and are more likely to die in the hospital. With the stakes so high, many hospitals and healthcare organizations have experimented with solutions, such as employing scribes, combining Fast Track and triage units, eliminating diversion, and implementing telemedicine, to improve patient throughput and reduce ER overcrowding. Here are a few examples.


Which type of locum tenens provider are you?

There are many advantages to being a locum tenens provider, such as the competitive compensation, the travel opportunities, and the freedom from administrative burdens. Different aspects of the locum tenens lifestyle appeal to different personality types. There’s the Top Earner who takes advantage of the competitive compensation that comes with locum tenens work. The Jet Setter who loves to travel around the country to new locations. The Test Driver, who tries out different locations and healthcare settings before laying down his or her roots. The Moonlighter, who works locum tenens assignments in addition to his or her permanent position. The […]


New wearable device shocks users into better habits

Millions of people use wearable technology to track their movements, monitor their heart rate, and even evaluate their sleep patterns. For some, seeing their activity data displayed on bar graphs and collecting badges for accomplishments is enough to motivate them to live a healthier lifestyle. Others need a bit more motivation. That’s where Pavlok comes is. Pavlok is a wristband that tracks users’ movements, much like the Fitbit Flex or the Jawbone Up, rewarding them for meeting their goals. However, Pavlok also punishes users who do not meet their goals. According to the company’s website, the idea is to hold users accountable for not meeting their goals, and create consistency.