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Study finds patients prefer doctors with professional attire

A new study from The BMJ suggests that patients are more likely to trust their physicians, follow their directions, and report a positive experience if the doctor is wearing conservative and professional style of dress.


3 Tech Products That Are Changing the Healthcare Industry

Technology is constantly changing. From applications designed to improve health to the opportunities physicians have to better communicate and treat their patients, technology is contagious and the healthcare industry is taking full advantage.


8 Reasons Why You Should Not Hesitate to Try Locum Tenens

Addressing 8 common concerns about locum tenens.


Pediatric ACO experiences improved value of care for Medicaid children

Partners for Kids (PFK), an Ohio based pediatric accountable care organization (ACO), has improved the value of care for Medicaid children, according to a new report from Pediatrics.


Whole Foods Set to Expand into Retail Clinics

Whole Foods would be joining such chains as Target, CVS, and Walgreens in providing on-site healthcare to consumers.