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More healthcare organizations using video translations services

The healthcare system has a communication problem. In the United States, there are over 47 million people to whom English is a second language. In order to reduce any possible communication barrier between a healthcare provider and his or her patient, the use of interpreters and interpretation services have become in high demand. However, adding interpretation services to a healthcare organization is not always simple. A translator must have a degree of medical expertise to appropriately communicate in medical situations.  Furthermore, the cost of in-person interpreters can be problematic (and may not be covered by insurance?) with a rate of $30 […]


Travel Tips for Locum Tenens

The Barton Associates travel team works non-stop to make sure that travel to and from your assignment is painless. However, unforeseen circumstances can arise. Here are some tips to help you navigate the more common travel related issues and concerns: Barton Associates works closely with Colpitts World Travel as our primary booking vendor. Colpitts stores travel  profiles for each provider so you are able to access your itineraries 24/7. As a preventative measure, Barton’s travel team avoids booking flights that are prone to bad weather. However, weather can be unpredictable. If your flight is cancelled before check-in, call Barton (978-513-7501) or Colpitts (877-323-4858) to find […]


Match Day highlights the physician shortage

More than 40,000 medical students applied for 29,000 medical residency positions this year. This means that on Match Day, the day where medical students learn what program they will spend the next years of their lives, there will be a number of candidates who will fail to match with a program. Alarmingly, last Match Day approximately 975 students received no match at all. If a student goes unmatched, they must wait to re-apply the following year. While the cap on residency slots has remained stagnant since 1997, the demographics of the United States have changed significantly. Medical school enrollment is at an […]


Day after St. Patrick’s Day one of top ten busiest days for dentists

Emergency visits to healthcare facilities typically increase on the day following a holiday, as those with non-life-threatening injuries put off seeking care until after the party is over. St. Patrick’s Day, a holiday classically celebrated with the drinking of green beer, notes another interesting statistic. According to a study conducted by Sikka Software, the day following St. Patrick’s Day is one of the top ten busiest days of the year for dentists, with patients seeking emergency appointments increasing by 64 percent on average across the United States. In fact, every state saw an increase in patient volume, excepting Vermont where […]


Retail clinics expand to meet primary care shortage

In the face of the growing primary care shortage, an aging population, and a rise in the rate of chronic illnesses, retail clinics are becoming a popular way to meet a growing demand for care. Retail clinics are known for offering basic primary care options to walk-in patients, including care for minor ailments, administration of vaccinations, and treatment for seasonal items such as flu shots and physicals. With a predicted deficit of 90,000 physicians by 2025, retail clinics will add a convenient healthcare facility choice for patients who are finding it difficult to locate, or schedule an appointment with, a […]