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The Barton Blog


Barton Associates Opens New Offices in Texas and New Hampshire!

Barton Associates is excited to announce two new office locations in Keene, NH, and Austin, TX, which opened in September of 2014. Barton Associates is a leading locum tenens staffing company with offices in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Florida, and Texas, serving healthcare providers and organizations across the United States and in select international locations. Barton Associates made the decision to expand its sales and recruiting workforce in response to increased demand for physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners resulting from the physician shortage, population growth, an aging population, the millions of Americans now insured under the Affordable Care Act, and other […]


Telehealth in the schools: Improving access to care

A healthy child means more days spent in school, more opportunities to learn, and improved educational performance. Thus, schools and school nurses play an important role in promoting the health and education of their students. However, it is not always the case that schools have the necessary resources to meet the healthcare needs of their students. Families in rural or low income areas face increased challenges in obtaining healthcare services for their children, including “travel distances, lack of transportation, inability to finance care, lack of healthcare insurance, and limited access to physicians,” due to the physician shortage. Further, parents in […]


Smartphone sensors find link between social interaction, stress, and academic performance

According to new research from Dartmouth College, greater social interactions leads to better academic performance and lower stress. Researchers provided 48 students with smartphones that were equipped with StudentLife, a continuous sensing app that assesses students’ stress, sleep, activity, mood, sociability, mental well-being, and academic performance.


Are patients ready for telehealth? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Telehealth is widely believed to be the next big thing in healthcare. Telemedicine consultations are a quick and convenient way for patients to connect with physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners when they have a non-emergent medical condition. Telehealth technology also expands access to healthcare services for people living in rural and medically underserved areas. Telemedicine may be the future, but according to an infographic created by iTriage, we have a ways to go. According to the infographic, 85% of people have either never used or never heard of telehealth. What’s more is 70% of respondents are only willing to […]


The Physician Shortage and its Effect on the Department of Veterans Affairs

As America’s largest integrated healthcare system, the physician shortage is felt almost nowhere as extreme as at the Department of Veterans Affairs. Serving over 24.1 million veterans, the VA has about 340,000 employees, with approximately 36,000 vacant healthcare positions. The deficit of healthcare providers has become particularly highlighted due to the recent scandal concerning the manipulation of veteran wait times at a number of VA medical facilities. Robert McDonald, who replaced Eric Shinseki as VA secretary in July, discussed a number of solutions to improve patient wait times, such as hiring more clinicians. McDonald stated that VA needs to hire […]