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How can locum tenens help your dentistry career?

Locum tenens is an excellent option for dentists of any age or experience level. With Barton Associates dentists can create their own schedule and practice dentistry without the administrative tasks that are associated with running a practice.


5 Tips for Healthy Teeth this Halloween

Halloween is upon us! With approximately $2.5 billion in candy sales projected for this Halloween, it is safe to assume that many of your patients, adults and children alike, will fall into the trap of overindulgence. Barton Associates has created a simple 5 step guide to help your patients make smart choices this Halloween season.


Share your Spookiest Healthcare Shift Stories

As a profession that handles the most joyous times of life and the most heartbreaking, many physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants have experienced some sort of spooky story while on shift. With Halloween just around the corner, we have gotten a collection of scary stories going with a few that were posted on “Allnurses.com.” Whether they are true, or whether you believe, we can all agree that these stories are truly terrifying. The Elevator Ghoul “I was at the nurses’ station and we heard the bell in the elevator ringing. Someone was yelling ‘Help!’ and we heard pounding. We […]


Wearable Technology and Preventive Medicine [INFOGRAPHIC]

Twenty five percent of adults currently use either a fitness tracker or smartphone app to track their health, weight, or exercise, according to a survey conducted by TechnologyAdvice. The research also revealed that more people would use wearables if there were some incentives. Forty four percent of respondents would use wearables if it meant better advice from their physician, and 57.1 percent would use a wearable if it led to lower health insurance premiums.


Health Insurance Guide for Locum Tenens Providers

Locum tenens providers are considered self-employed, or independent contractors, which means they assume additional responsibilities when it comes to benefits that are typically part of the traditional employee/employer relationship—such as health insurance.