Virtual Staffing Gives You Access To Providers Nationwide

Barton Telehealth is an easy way to deliver multispecialty care to your patients. Our solution is both flexible and scalable to meet your specific needs.

virtual staffing

How It Works

Getting Started Is Easy

Simply tell us what provider type you need and when, and we’ll coordinate coverage. Our provider will log in to the system to consult with your patients, who will be seen at your facility as if they were coming in for a regular, in-person visit.

You don’t need any special hardware or third-party software. All that is required is a computer, webcam, microphone, and a high-speed internet connection.

How Barton Telehealth Can Help

Increased Capacity  
Barton Telehealth gives your organization the ability to increase capacity quickly. Regardless of the situation, you can staff up to make sure patients are seen.

Budget-Friendly Performance
Save money while adding efficiency. Barton Telehealth helps your operation avoid travel-related expenses typically associated with on-site staffing services. We bring the providers to you — virtually!

Easy Onboarding Process 
Getting started with Barton Telehealth is fast and easy, giving your team the flexibility needed to react quickly, operate at peak efficiency, and thrive.

Set Up and Go  
Barton Telehealth does not require expensive, specialized equipment. All your team needs is a computer with a webcam, a microphone, and a high-speed internet connection.