• What are the benefits of working with Barton Associates?

    • An agency handles all the heavy lifting for your facility. With Barton, you get a single point of contact, assistance with licensing and credentialing, travel accommodations made for your incoming provider, and a crew of 300+ recruiters and account managers searching for providers to fill your needs. All you need to worry about is welcoming your new locum!

  • Is it cheaper to hire locums over full-time providers?

    • The main advantage to staffing your facility with locum tenens providers is that you will be able to keep your revenue stream flowing. The process of hiring a full-time, traditional healthcare provider will take time, possibly the cost of recruiters, and potential loss of revenue if there is no one else to take on the role/responsibility of the provider who left. The costs unfortunately are not apples-to-apples, so choosing which is cheaper will depend on the facility, the type of provider needed, and the length of coverage needed.


  • What types of providers does Barton work with?

    • Barton Associates works with NPs, PAs, physicians, dentists, and CRNAs!

  • What types of facilities does Barton work with?

    • Companies and other healthcare facilities beyond the walls of hospitals and clinics have healthcare staffing openings. The Barton Companies team works with a variety of these settings throughout the country, including but not limited to hospitals, private practices, and urgent care. Click the link to see who Barton Associates works with!

  • Why work with Barton?

    • Dedicating one account manager to each of our client accounts means we’re building the strongest possible relationship to ensure your talent needs are met. That commitment to building personal partnerships is the anchor of our “1:1 Approach” strategy, which has helped make us a leader in the locum tenens space for 20 years.

      From securing the perfect candidate, to credentialing and travel-related issues, our extensive operations team handles the entire locum tenens staffing process for you, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience.

  • Is there a minimum or maximum length of coverage I can request?

    • No! We are here to help solve your staffing needs. We will work diligently to find you a provider capable of working whatever length assignment you need. We can also use multiple providers to fill long-term needs if we are unable to find one to complete the entire assignment.

  • Can Barton staff our telemedicine positions?

    • In addition to traditional locum tenens positions, Barton Associates provides staffing solutions for telehealth needs.


  • How does the search for a locum tenens candidate work?

    • Behind the scenes, Barton uses proactive marketing and provider acquisition efforts, such as digital marketing, email, and social media, as well as recruiting, to add new providers to our database every month.

      Once you speak with our account manager, who will learn about you, your staffing needs, and your requirements, they will work closely with our recruiters to identify the best possible candidates from our talent pool.

  • How does interviewing the locum tenens provider work?

    • Before a candidate reaches a client, our team has conducted internal interviews, checked and maintained updated references and risk assessments, and completed internal quality checks. Our proactive approach helps us present providers to you that best fit your unique positions and requirements.

      Once you review the providers we present to you, you will decide which you would like to interview. From there, the recruiter and account manager will set up a phone call between you and the locum. The process is similar to a typical interview.

  • How quickly will Barton find me a locum tenens candidate?

    • Barton’s locum tenens providers can fill your facility’s needs for any position, and can be available as fast as within 24 hours for openings ranging from a few days to six months or longer!

  • How are Barton’s locum tenens provider candidates presented to me?

    • We send an email with the provider’s key information such as their certifications, relevant experience, CV, availability, and other important information.

  • What if the locum provider is not a good fit?

    • You always have the option to give the provider 30-days notice. If the reason is for clinical or disciplinary reasons, you can terminate the contract immediately.

  • Who handles credentialing?

    • Similar to our licensing strategy, we practice a proactive credentialing strategy to ensure we have a provider ready when a locum need arises.

      Our dedicated team of credentialing specialists will work with you through the entire process and ensure all the details are handled. Our team will:

      Liaise between the client and the provider, to assure all paperwork is facilitated and the facility’s needs are met within their timeline.

      Verify the provider’s work history and, if needed, conduct a background check.

      Coordinate assurance of outstanding verifications, references, and maintaining the most up-to-date paperwork.

  • Who handles licensing?

    • Unlike other agencies, we offer a true licensing program. This means we will buy the license in advance and work with the state and the provider to obtain it as fast as possible.

      We facilitate the licensing process by:

      Conducting initial research on state-specific license processes.

      Pre-screening providers to verify licensure eligibility (and peace of mind).

      Requesting all necessary certifications, CVs, and references.

      Making all necessary follow-up calls to ensure file completion.

  • Who coordinates travel for the provider(s)?

    • Barton Associates’ dedicated travel team is responsible for coordinating all travel-related accommodations for your facility’s locum tenens provider, ensuring a worry-free experience for our clients.

      Our travel team handles:


      Rental cars



  • What is Barton’s vetting process?

    • When hiring a new provider at your facility, quality is very important. All providers must pass through our internal risk management process.

      Our quality assurance team conducts a thorough review of all providers before doing business with them. We actively research, analyze, and assess provider background information, including:


      A supervisor reference from within the past year

      Medical board searches

      Through our partnership with PreCheck, we can also conduct background checks before providers are placed.

  • Will Barton work with our hiring process?

    • Barton Associates is able to accommodate specific hiring process requirements, such as fingerprinting, with appropriate notice.

  • Can I extend the locum?

    • Yes! If you would like to extend your locum provider, let your account manager know!

  • What is your process for an immediate need?

    • We practice with a proactive strategy so when there is an immediate need, we will do our best to have a provider ready within 24 hours.

  • What if the candidate is not licensed in my state?

    • Barton Associates has a dedicated licensing team to assist providers in obtaining new licenses as needed. We never present unlicensed providers.

  • How does Barton market my job?

    • Once you alert your Barton account manager that you are in need of a locum tenens provider, the account manager alerts our team of 300+ recruiters about the job opening. The recruiters are provided with information about the job such as location, length of assignment, procedures the provider will be performing, etc. From there, the recruiters search for high quality providers to fill your need, pass all candidates through our internal vetting process, and present you with only the top candidates.

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