Nurse Practitioner (NP) Jobs in Alaska

Looking for nurse practitioner jobs in Alaska? Barton Associates specializes in locum tenens NP jobs, with well over a decade of experience placing locum tenens nurse practitioners (NPs) on short and long-term assignments throughout the US.

What’s it like to work as a nurse practitioner in Alaska? Visit our Nurse Practitioner Guide to Locum Tenens Jobs in Alaska here.

Licensed in a Different State? No Problem

Looking to work your next nurse practitioner job in Alaska, but aren’t licensed in the state yet? If you’re already licensed to practice as a nurse practitioner in another state, our expert licensing team will work with you to secure your Alaska NP license, on us.

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Alaska Nurse Practitioner Job FAQs

What are Locum Tenens Nurse Practitioner Jobs?

Locum tenens NP jobs are contract roles designed to fill gaps in care at healthcare facilities over a specific timeframe. These assignments can range from a week to well over a year. 

Locum and travel nurse practitioners hold all the same qualifications as a permanent nurse practitioner, and often choose locum work for higher pay and increased flexibility.

Explore our locum tenens guide to learn more.


What Can a Nurse Practitioner Do in Alaska?

In the state of Alaska, nurse practitioners (NPs) are granted full practice authority. This means they have the autonomy to provide a wide range of healthcare services. Here’s an overview of some of the responsibilities entrusted to NPs in Alaska:

Can Nurse Practitioners Sign Death Certificates in Alaska?
Yes, nurse practitioners are authorized to sign death certificates in Alaska, however, Alaska requires a physician to authorize an NPs signing.

Does Alaska Recognize Nurse Practitioners as Primary Care Providers?
Yes, under the Alaska state statute and/or administrative code, nurse practitioners are recognized as primary care providers.

Can Nurse Practitioners Independently Prescribe Schedule II Drugs in Alaska?
Nurse practitioners have the authority to independently prescribe schedule II drugs in the state of Alaska.

Do Nurse Practitioners Qualify for Medical Staff Membership in Alaska?
Yes. In the state of Alaska, medical staff composition is determined by a facility’s governing body pursuant to its bylaws and rules. This means that medical staff membership for NPs in Alaska varies by each facility they work in.

Can Nurse Practitioners Order Physical Therapy in Alaska?
Yes, Alaska nurse practitioners have the authority to make referrals for physical therapy for their patients.

Can NPs Sign Handicap Parking Permits Forms in Alaska?
Yes, nurse practitioners are officially authorized to certify disability for the purpose of issuing handicapped parking permits and parking placards.

Can nurse practitioners Sign POLST/POST/MOLST/MOST/COLST Forms in Alaska?
No, Alaska nurse practitioners are not explicitly authorized to sign POLST/POST/MOLST/MOST/COLST forms.

What are the Continuing Education Requirements for nurse practitioners in Alaska?

Alaska nurse practitioners are required to fulfill 30 CE hours every two years, or maintenance of national certification may satisfy statute. These hours must be certified by ANCC, ANA, AMA a nurse practitioner or nurse anesthesia certifying body or approved by another Board of Nursing.