Behavioral and Mental Health Locum Tenens Jobs With Barton Associates

Behavioral and Mental Health Locum Tenens Jobs With Barton Associates

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Locum Tenens Jobs for Clinical Psychologist and Psychiatry Professionals

Barton works with thousands of healthcare organizations across the nation, inclusive of a broad range of facility types including psychiatric hospitals, general hospitals, indian health services, clinics, private practices, and more, who are looking for behavioral health locums to fill gaps in coverage for both short- and long-term assignments.

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Behavioral & Mental Health Jobs for Psychiatry MDs, NPs, PAs, and Clinical Psychologists

locum tenens behavioral healthExplore the country as you discover plentiful locum behavioral health jobs on your own time with locum tenens behavioral health! Valued at $103.01 billion in 2022, the market for behavioral health professionals across all provider types and specialties is only expected to continue its growth, and is projected to skyrocket to $132.42 billion by 2027, growing at an expected CAGR rate of 5.3% during the forecasted period, as reported by Precedence Research. With the ongoing and escalating prevalence of mental disorders among Americans driving growth in the U.S. behavioral health market, and mental health issues being the most common health problem faced by 1 of every 5 individuals in the US, according to the National Institute of Mental Health, the demand for behavioral health specialists is increasing at a rapid rate, and locum MDs, DOs, PsyDs, NPs, and PAs are filling gaps in coverage nationwide. 


According to the Staffing Industry Specialists (SIA) the locum tenens market is experiencing dramatic growth as it skyrockets in value by a staggering 27% every year, resulting in an overflow of attractive job opportunities for talented behavioral health practitioners like yourself to choose from. At an average annual employment growth rate of 20.7% across all provider types specializing in behavioral health, locum psychologists, psychiatrists, psychiatry NPs, and psychiatry PAs have the freedom to select jobs across every U.S. state that fit their schedules, needs, and preferences as new opportunities arise. 

Locum Behavioral Health Salary Insights

locum behavioral health salary informational chartThough rates may vary for behavioral health professionals across provider types, specialties, and locations, locum tenens behavioral health physicians, psychologists, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants earn a sweeping average of 71.1% more than permanently employed behavioral health providers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that the top paying states for psychiatry specialists are New Mexico, Wyoming, and Missouri, while psychologists see the highest earning potentials in New Jersey, Delaware, and Oregon.

What Behavioral Health Specialties Does Barton Work With?

Barton Associates Works With a Variety of Behavioral Health Professionals

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry


locum tenens child and adolescent psychiatry

Addiction Medicine

Child Neurology

Locum Tenens as a Behavioral Health Specialist with Barton

Barton Associates works with healthcare facilities in every state across the nation who are seeking out talented behavioral health providers specializing in addiction medicine, children and adolescents, geriatrics, and medication management to work for the most competitive locum tenens behavioral health salary wherever they may choose to travel in exchange for their coveted services. Barton’s relationships with a diverse range of healthcare institutions throughout the United States offers Barton locums the unique opportunity to gain valuable, skill-building experiences in new settings working with a variety of new patient populations. The rise of digital behavioral health services caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has also opened a wide range of telemedicine behavioral health job opportunities, where locum behavioral health professionals can see patients from the comfort of their own homes.

Our recruiters have worked with, and successfully placed our behavioral health locums in the following facility types and programs across the nation:

  • General Hospitals
  • Psychiatric Hospitals
  • Psychiatric Emergency Rooms
  • Crisis Stabilization Units
  • Integrated Care
  • Adult Inpatient
  • Geriatric Inpatient
  • Child/Adolescent Inpatient
  • Chemical Dependency Inpatient
  • Forensic Inpatient
  • Voluntary/Involuntary Inpatient
  • Acute Inpatient
  • Indian Health Services (IHS)
  • Residential Treatment Centers
  • Home Health Organizations
  • Correctional Facilities 
  • Addiction/Substance Abuse Programs
  • Integrated Care Programs
  • Partial Hospitalization Programs
  • Intensive Outpatient Programs

Barton’s behavioral health locums enjoy the benefits of income stability by earning more wherever they go, as well as job stability with a never ending flow of doors to new opportunities opening by the day. Our Account Executives work hard to update our behavioral health locums with the latest new opportunities daily. Peruse through our open locum tenens behavioral health jobs now!

Our openings change daily, so be sure to check in with your Barton recruiter often. New to Barton and ready to become a locum? Fill out the form to chat with one of our experienced recruiters to get started!

Are you in need of behavioral health coverage at your facility? Learn more about staffing with locums now or fill out the form on this page below after selecting “Looking to Staff”.

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Barton Associates works with a broad range of healthcare facilities and organizations spanning across the country who are seeking talented locum tenens medical providers like yourself to fill gaps in coverage on locum tenens assignments with the most competitive pay.


Our skilled Account Executives establish strong connections with thousands of healthcare institutions nationwide so that our locum tenens professionals can have the power and flexibility to choose jobs which best fit their needs, preferences, and schedules from an overflowing pool of attractive opportunities.


The Barton team works hard to bring you fresh, new locum job opportunities every day, and we’re thrilled for the opportunity to help you find your dream assignment. Get in touch with us today to jumpstart your locum career with one of our experienced recruiters!



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J.R. — My experience with Barton Associates had been nothing more than amazing. Staff is friendly and incredibly helpful. I am so impressed by this company. Never experienced a single problem.

Bob K. — I had a gap in my schedule. Barton arranged for a placement but it turned out the clinic was not ready. They quickly arranged for another 4-week placement that turned out better than the previously arranged one ever could have been.

Masoud T. — I signed up with Barton Associates a few months ago. The recruiter I have worked with, is phenomenal in working with me and working with the hospital client, as well as the credentialing. They have been professional, cordial, and attentive to my needs as well as the needs of their corporate client.

N. Logan — I have been getting NP assignments from Barton Associates since 2016, and have nothing but good things to say about them. Every recruiter I have worked with has given me topnotch service, from finding appropriate assignments, to support before and after. I especially appreciate how they check in with me regularly, to update their job searches on my behalf.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What types of providers can be locums?

A: Barton Associates works with NPs, PAs, physicians, dentists, and CRNAs!

Q: Who uses locum tenens providers?

A: Companies and other healthcare facilities beyond the walls of hospitals and clinics have healthcare staffing openings. The Barton Associates team works with a variety of clients looking to fill temporary roles throughout the country, including but not limited to hospitals, private practices, and urgent care. Learn more about who Barton Associates works with!

Q: What is the main benefit of working with a healthcare staffing agency?

A: Working with an agency makes the process simple. We handle all of the paperwork and other heavy lifting to improve the overall experience for both our providers and clients. All our providers can clients need to do is let us know what they are looking for!