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Corporate Clinics

Learn how Barton Associates' locum tenens services help corporate clinics stay staffed at all times.

Keeping Your Corporate Clinic at Full Efficiency

Barton Associates built its business around supporting corporate clinics with their healthcare talent acquisition needs. Having direct access to high-quality medical providers to support on-site healthcare services is critical to ensuring companies and their staff can operate as efficiently as possible. 

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Working With Barton Associates

Happy, Healthy, and Productive Employees

On-site employee healthcare staffing solutions through Barton Associates give organizations access to high-quality providers. This makes room for reduced healthcare costs, healthier employees, increased productivity, and a strong bottom line.

The Best Talent in the Industry

Our experienced recruiting team conducts thorough interviews and reference checks to ensure that we have the best network of locum tenens providers in the on-site employee health clinic industry, and that they’re ready to go when you are.

Flexible Solutions to Help Your Organization Thrive

Whether your on-site health clinic needs long-term help, short-term vacation coverage, or anything in between, you can trust Barton Associates to provide flexible staffing solutions.

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The Benefits of Working With the Locum Tenens Experts

Approach.jpg#asset:5184:thumbnailBarton’s 1:1 Approach

Relationships are the cornerstone to our business model. When you use Barton Associates for your next staffing challenge, you will have a dedicated point of contact. Our account managers take the time to understand the challenges that are specific to your organization so we only submit candidates that are a good fit.

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talent.jpg#asset:5185:thumbnailThe Best Talent in the Industry

Our experienced recruiting team conducts thorough interviews and reference checks to ensure that we have the best network of locum tenens physicians, dentists, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners in the industry, and that they’re ready to go when you need them.

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logistics_Team.jpg#asset:5188:thumbnailIn-House Logistics Team

Because of the increased demand for healthcare providers, finding talent in your local landscape may prove difficult. Working with our logistics team means you now have access to healthcare talent throughout the United States. In addition, we’ll handle getting them there and making sure they’re licensed and ready to go.

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hire.jpg#asset:5186:thumbnailHire With Confidence

Whether you need long-term support, short-term vacation coverage, immediate coverage because of an unplanned absence, or anything in between, the locum tenens physician, dentist, physician assistant, and nurse practitioner staffing experts at Barton Associates are here to help.

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Save on Costs and Drive Efficiency

Locum tenens staffing is an effective way for on-site clinics to maintain adequate staffing levels in order to maximize patient access and ensure continuity of care. In addition, Barton Associates provides medical malpractice insurance for all locums on assignment, free of charge. While our locum is on assignment, you’ll only pay Barton Associates an agreed-upon amount.

Unlike with hiring a permanent employee, there are no costs associated with medical benefits, retirement plans, payroll taxes, or medical malpractice insurance.