Credentialing Locum Tenens Providers

Credentialing locum tenens providers is a critical part of any healthcare facility’s onboarding process, but as any hiring manager knows, it can be a complex and challenging procedure. 

Barton Associates takes the headache out of this important step, providing our clients with comprehensive credentialing services to ensure that the providers you bring on your team have the clinical and educational experience necessary to meet your goals. 

By partnering with us and leveraging the power of our skilled credentialing team, you can be sure that your patients will get the quality care they deserve. Read on to learn more about our locum tenens credentialing process.

Benefits of Barton’s Credentialing Process

Save Time

We handle all the paperwork, leaving you with more time to care for patients.

Save Money

Properly credentialing your locum tenens providers can help prevent loss of revenue. 

Ensure Quality Patient Outcomes

Our experienced team is skilled in certifying that the locum tenens providers you bring on are right for the job.

An Extension of Your Team

Our credentialing team is an extension of your credentialing department.

We conduct background checks, complete all employee health immunizations and drug screens, and run AMA profiles and other important reports. 

By knowing what’s outstanding on a credentialing application we can cut down the time it takes to get your desired provider credentialed—even without a guaranteed assignment.

Pre-Credentialing Services

“Pre-credentialing” is a term and process unique to Barton Associates, created and used frequently by our in-house credentialing team.

The term refers to our process for credentialing a provider before they have officially accepted an assignment.

Pre-credentialing guarantees that the provider will be ready to start working immediately upon accepting an assignment.

There is no additional work required, and the provider does not go through the credentialing process twice.

Partner with Barton

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