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In-Home Health and Well-Being Assessments

What Are In-Home Health and Well-Being Assessments?

These assessments are a niche opportunity in the larger home-based healthcare market: Approximately 7.6 million people receive in-home care from 17,000 healthcare professionals.

Performing health and well-being assessments in an in-home setting makes it easier for patients to receive whole-health preventive care when they cannot make it to the doctor’s office. There is an ongoing and increasing need for nurse practitioners to provide these services.

If you are an NP with full-time availability who likes to work independently, then this is a perfect opportunity for you.


Why You Should Consider In-Home Health and Well-Being Assessments?

Providing in-home health and well-being assessments is a special opportunity that many providers may not know about. You’ll assess patients’ whole health and preventively screen for a variety of conditions, and then send that updated, accurate information directly to their primary-care provider.

Here Are Some Other Benefits That Come Along With This Opportunity:

Build Your Resume or CV

In-home health and well-being assessments help you grow your experience in a nonclinical setting. This type of placement puts you in front of many different patients with a wide variety of conditions, giving you the ability to develop a more well-rounded skill set.

Get Credentialed for Free

At Barton Associates, we’re committed to helping providers obtain the tools they need to maximize their potential in the healthcare job market. Using our streamlined process, we will get you credentialed to perform these assessments in just a few short weeks.

Embrace a Flexible Schedule

Each state has different needs, but there is no shortage of assessment opportunities. Most providers who take advantage of this opening are given extensions to continue for as long as they like.

Earn Great Income

There is uncapped earning potential for in-home health and well-being assessments. The more availability you have, the more money you can earn!