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Barton Associates started in dentistry locum tenens with 50 listings, but in a matter of just two years we’ve doubled that market, working with some of the biggest DSOs in the country. In fact, dentistry is one of our hottest specialties here at Barton and the need for dentists is growing exponentially.

Dentistry locum tenens is fairly new on the scene compared to other specialties. Where locum tenens for other specialties have been around since the 90s and even the late 80s, dentists have really only picked it up within the last 10 years. Given how new dentistry is within the locum tenens world, if you’re a dentist who’s curious about locum tenens, you may have some questions about how it works, what benefits this type of work has to offer you, and why you should work with an agency.

In our Locum Dentistry Q&A Facebook Live video, host Damian Cook answers dentists’ biggest questions about locum tenens and discusses the advantages of the locum lifestyle for dentists!