Hiring With Locum Tenens

For those not fluent in Latin, “locum tenens” translates to “place holder.” In the medical world, it simply refers to providers who take on short-term jobs to fill gaps created by staffing shortages at hospitals, private practices, and organizations.

Partnering with a locum tenens company gives you the flexibility to overcome a variety of staffing challenges by providing coverage for unexpected absences, vacations, and illnesses, or to tide you over while you’re recruiting and onboarding a permanent provider.

That’s Where Barton Associates Comes In!

Working with Barton means our team coordinates the process from start to finish. You tell us about the type of provider you need and the position you want to fill. Our recruiters then work to find the right candidate. Once we have identified your perfect match, we will deliver a licensed, insured provider, ready to work for the duration you need!

Working with locum providers through Barton is an attractive option for healthcare organizations like yourself. Think about it! Because we take the time to understand your situation, have an extensive network of talented healthcare professionals, and handle all the paperwork, we can get a provider to your facility fast. You give us the start date, and we will deliver the locum.

When you know you’re covered, your organization is able to provide better care, which benefits everyone — especially your patients.