5 Perks of Having a Corporate Clinic

With healthcare costs expected to grow almost 7 percent through 2017, employers are trying to figure out how to manage this financially while still providing quality care for their employees.

The good news is, companies that use on-site clinics can be completely isolated from outside trends in healthcare costs. They are able to set the price of care for their employees without being forced to settle for lower-quality service.

Here are some facts you may not know about using corporate clinics:

On-Site Clinics Can Save Lives
With no drive time to appointments, no long waits, and no rushed visits with physicians, employees are more likely to actually get to the doctor, which can prevent serious — and costly — conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease

Corporate Clinics Increase Employee Productivity
Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes that personal and family health problems result in a loss of productivity equal to $1,685 per employee per year, or $225.8 billion annually on average.

On-Site Clinics Give You Greater Control
Corporate clinics give you more control over your employee healthcare spending. According to ManagedCareMag.com, when Toyota opened a $9 million corporate clinic in 2007, it saw a “33 percent decline in referrals to specialists, plus a 25 percent reduction in urgent care and emergency visits.”

You Can Avoid Shortages in Healthcare Providers
Using a locum tenens company such as Barton Associates is an effective way for on-site clinics to maintain adequate healthcare staffing levels in order to maximize patient access and ensure continuity of care. As an added bonus, Barton Associates provides medical malpractice insurance for all its locums on assignment, free of charge.

It’s Easier to Improve Your Employees’ Overall Lifestyle
Corporate clinics can help you establish new healthcare policies and wellness programs that promote healthy lifestyle choices for your employees. Such programs can help to manage long-term healthcare spending and ultimately be critical in preventing and treating chronic illnesses.

The facts are in! 

Having direct access to high-quality medical providers to support on-site healthcare services is critical to ensuring companies and their staff can operate as efficiently as possible.

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