Barton Associates’ sales and other internal teams may keep our wheels spinning day-to-day, but Barton’s leadership also works hard behind the scenes to guide our agency toward success. Barton’s distinguished team of leaders takes an interactive approach to supervising and managing operations, always making sure to greet employees around the office with a friendly smile. Meet the movers and shakers that have shaped Barton Associates into the agency it is today!

Rob Indresano
Lina Gallotto
Executive Vice President
Rob O’Hara
Chief Financial Officer
Vikas Lulla
Chief Information Officer
Anne Zukowski
Sr. Vice President, Inbound Division
Erin Arbour
Director of Administrative Sales Support
Stacy Cyr
Director of Marketing
Jon Retchin
Sr. Director of Talent Acquisition & Learning
John Scalia
General Counsel
John Maher Head of Human Resources
John Maher
Director of Human Resources