Locums Boost Your Internal Medicine Doctor Salary

A Barton Associates locum Internal Medicine Doctor salary can be up to 34% more than permanently employed Internal Medicine Doctors, who make a mean hourly wage of $96.85 per hour on average. The top paying industries for Internal Medicine Doctors are Home Health Care Services, Medical and Diagnostic Laboratories, Outpatient Care Centers, Psychiatric and Substance Abuse Hospitals, and the Offices of Physicians.


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    Average Salary for Permanently Employed Internal Medicine Doctors

  • What is the yearly average salary for Internal Medicine Doctors?

    • The yearly average salary for permanently employed  Internal Medicine Doctors is $201,440.

    Average Locum Internal Medicine Doctor Salary

  • What is the starting salary for Locum Internal Medicine Doctors?

    • Depending on location and demand, Locum Tenens Internal Medicine Doctor rates can be as much as 12.8% higher than the national average hourly rate for permanently employed Internal Medicine Doctors.

  • How much do Locum Internal Medicine Doctors earn per hour?

    • Locum Internal Medicine Doctors can make upwards of $110 per hour, however, there are many factors that impact rates including location, years of experience, and the level of demand.

    Locum Internal Medicine Doctor Salary Comparisons

  • What is the difference in average salary in 2022 for Locum Internal Medicine Doctors compared to 2020?

    • Barton Associates’ Locum  Internal Medicine Doctors earn on average 11.3% more in 2022 than they did in 2020.

  • Where do Locum Tenens Internal Medicine Doctors make the highest average salary in the United States?

    • Barton’s Travel Internal Medicine Doctors tend to earn the highest hourly rates in Tennessee, where their rates can earn them up to 34% more than permanently employed Internal Medicine Doctors.

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*Actual rates may vary based on experience, location, and other factors. Contact your recruiter for more information. Calculations based on Barton Associates data, and publicly available data from the following sources: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Ziprecruiter.com.


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