5 Myths About Locum Tenens

The locum tenens lifestyle offers independence and flexibility, yet we still hear from clinicians who aren’t sure if it’s right for them.

It’s time to clear the air! Here are some of the biggest misconceptions around locum tenens:

1. “Locum tenens is a last-resort option.”

FALSE! Locum tenens lets clinicians try out different practice styles, facility types, and locations. Many healthcare professionals choose the full-time locums lifestyle partially because of the flexibility and control it gives them over their careers and lives.

2. “A locum lifestyle is too unpredictable and will create an unstable work schedule.”

FALSE! Physicians, PAs, NPs, and dentists favor the freedom and flexibility that come with a locum tenens career. As a locum provider, you get to choose where, when, and what type of assignment in which you want to work.

3. “With so many hospital affiliations, I will be drowning in paperwork.”

FALSE! While paperwork is a part of the process, you are far from alone when you pursue a locum placement. From completing applications on your behalf to tracking down important information, dedicated recruiters and credentialing team members will be there to take care of everything you need.

4. “Locum tenens assignments will negatively affect my CV or credentials.”

FALSE! The experience you gain as a locum provider will make you an even more attractive candidate and strengthen your CV for future employers.

5. “Locum tenens only means part-time vacation coverage for facilities.”

FALSE! The truth is, organizations use locum providers for more than just short, placeholding assignments. Many bring in locums on an ongoing basis from a few weeks to a whole year to ensure their staffing levels can meet patient needs.

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