• Why choose locum tenens over a permanent position?

    • The earning potential with locums is higher, your recruiter works as your agent for dealing with bureaucracy, and in the end, you are self-employed; calling the shots for your own life. If you need a break you can simply schedule it, and you work when and where you want to.

  • Do locums help to avoid burnout?

    • Absolutely. Because you work locum assignments when and how you want to, you can spend time developing other interests, which you generally don’t have time to do in a permanent position. At a permanent position you work a lot harder with longer hours, so you’ll rarely get time to do things you enjoy. Plus, since you’ll make more money doing locum work, you can also afford to take time off, or just work part time.

  • What valuable experiences do you gain from doing locum work?

    • You get a lot of exposure to different EHR programs, meet tons of other providers, and get to travel all over the country experiencing things that you wouldn’t have otherwise. Locums really help you to broaden your horizons both professionally and in your personal life!


  • How do you prepare for a locum tenens job interview?

    • Your recruiter is a great source of information about the facility and what to expect, so never skip the prep call with your recruiter. Otherwise, review the job description once more, and look through the facility website to prepare questions.

  • How do you successfully complete your first locum tenens interview?

    • Realize that your whole future isn’t riding on one interview, relax, and remember that you are the best candidate. Most people think of themselves as “just folks”, so if you mirror the interviewer/s, you’ll seem like “just folks” too, and they’ll love you!


  • Is it important to have a good relationship with your recruiter?

    • Definitely, your recruiter is who you call about any challenges and new ventures, and having a relationship with them is beneficial for both parties because it helps your recruiter to help you. That relationship makes it feel like your recruiter represents and values you, not the facilities.

  • How do you adjust to new environments and experiences on locum jobs?

    • Find something you’re really good at and let it boost your confidence enough that you can trust yourself in knowing what you are doing and that you’re good at it. Because you are your own boss, you can relax knowing that you can always try something new that could be better fit on the next assignment if your current one isn’t working out.

  • What happens if you don’t like a locum assignment you’re on?

    • You are your own boss. If you don’t like how an assignment is going, the recruiter handles it for you without any awkward conversations with employers on your part. If the recruiter cannot handle the situation to your satisfaction, then you can simply move onto your next assignment after you’ve finished. In the rare instance that it’s really not a good fit, you can put in your 30 days notice.

  • Do locums help you obtain more professional references?

    • Yes, you meet many more providers when you work locum assignments, which helps you build your network. If you struggle to keep track of all of the people you meet, your recruiter has a huge database of providers, and it is generally easy for them to locate the various individuals you have worked with to secure a positive reference for you.


  • What is it like to get credentialed or obtain a new state license through Barton?

    • You literally don’t have to worry about anything because the licensing and credentialing teams at Barton do it all for you! You only have to provide a certain amount of basic information (in most cases) and the teams pre populate all the forms with your information so you don’t have to waste time filling in the information repeatedly.

  • What is it like working with Barton recruiters?

    • Barton recruiters stress the importance of building a relationship with their providers so you can rest easy that they’re working for you, not facilities. Most times when you have a good relationship with your recruiter, they make themselves available to you around the clock and are happy to simply listen, or assist you with any challenges you may have.

  • Why should I choose Barton Associates?

    • From a provider who has worked with Barton over several assignments, it comes down to having a recruiter who really knows and values you, and the fact that Barton Associates is such a large company that you’ll never have issues getting paid.

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