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    The Basics of Locum Tenens

  • Locum Tenens 101

    • Yes! As long as you are still actively licensed and board certified, you are able to work as a locum tenens provider! Many retired healthcare providers use locum tenens work to supplement their retirement income.

  • I have a permanent job, can I do locums part-time?

    • Yes! The key benefit of being a locum provider is your ability to make your own schedule. We have positions ranging from one weekend to full-time. Be upfront with your recruiter about your availability and they can find a position best suited to what you are available for.

  • Can I practice telemedicine?

    • Of course! Barton Associates account managers are trained to look for openings both in facilities and virtually!

    Working With Barton Associates

  • Do you need to be an experienced locum tenens provider to work with Barton?

    • No, you can be new to the locum life. With that said, it is important to have experience in your field. Although many clients will allow recent graduates, many prefer providers with some experience under their belt. Additionally, we require that our locum tenens providers have practiced medicine within the past 2 years.

  • Do you need to be a U.S. citizen to work with Barton Associates?

    • Yes. All Barton Associates locums are required to be U.S. citizens.

  • What do I get when I work with Barton?

    • When you work with Barton you get a dedicated contact available 24/7 to assist you, travel and lodging accommodations, back end support (licensing, credentialing, etc.), malpractice insurance, competitive rates, and more!

  • What if I have questions while I'm on assignment?

    • Your Barton Associates recruiter is available to answer any questions you might have. You will be provided with the best ways to reach him/her via a direct number and email address.

  • What do I do if I decide I don’t want to finish my assignment?

    • If you are unhappy with your assignment, reach out to your recruiter and ask about your out clause.

  • Where are Barton jobs located?

    • Barton has 10 offices across all time zones. This allows us to offer positions in all 50 states and the U.S. territories! All you need to do is tell us where you want to work and we will help find you a great opportunity in that location (or nearby)!

  • What is Barton’s process?

  • How does licensing and credentialing work?

    • Barton Associates has a dedicated licensing and credentialing team to assist you through the process!

  • Will I receive health benefits while on assignment?

    • As independent contractors, locum tenens providers are typically not eligible for medical benefits. However, your health insurance premiums, along with other expenses, may be tax deductible.

      Contact your tax advisor for more information regarding working as an independent contractor. Click the link to see Barton Associates’ tax guide.

  • How are locum tenens providers compensated?

    • Locum tenens jobs through Barton Associates offer highly competitive pay (often more than a typical permanent job) based on location and medical specialty. Locum tenens providers are paid as independent contractors on a net-15 basis at an agreed-upon rate.

      Because locums are independent contractors, Barton does not withhold taxes from paychecks. Working as an independent contractor may offer tax advantages, such as the ability to deduct certain expenses and healthcare insurance premiums.

      Download our updated “Tax Guide for Locum Tenens Providers” to get started, but note you should contact your tax advisor for more information.

  • What specialties does Barton work with?

    • Barton Associates supports a wide variety of specialties such as cardiology, dentistry, general surgery, oncology, primary care, psychiatry, OB/GYN, and radiology. Click the link to view all of Barton Associates’ specialties!

    Locum Tenens Assignments

  • How long is the typical locum tenens assignment?

    • Locum tenens jobs can range from just a few shifts to up to a year or more, depending on the availability of the provider and the needs of the hiring facility.

  • How do taxes work as a locum tenens provider?

  • How does travel and housing work?

    • Our dedicated travel team handles all flight, lodging, and rental car arrangements for you. In some cases, bringing a significant other or pet can be arranged. Be sure to inform your recruiter if you have any additional requests as soon as possible so we can do our best to accommodate you.

  • Are locums offered malpractice insurance?

    • Barton Associates provides comprehensive, “A”-rated medical malpractice insurance for locums on assignment.

  • How does licensing work if the job is in another state?

    • Barton’s dedicated licensing team will assist you in obtaining the appropriate licensure for your assignment.

  • Are my travel preferences taken into account?

    • Always! Our travel team does their best to accommodate any travel preferences you might have with appropriate notice. A common example of this would be if you wanted to use a particular airline to earn travel points.

  • Can I work close to home?

    • The decision of where to work is yours! When you are discussing your location preferences with your recruiter, be sure to mention you want to work as close to home as possible so we can accommodate you. But remember, the openings that are best-suited for your other preferences might not be close to home.

  • What's the best part of locum tenens assignments?

    • You are your own boss. If you don’t like how an assignment is going, the recruiter handles it for you without any awkward conversations with employers on your part. If the recruiter cannot handle the situation to your satisfaction, then you can simply move onto your next assignment after you’ve finished. In the rare instance that it’s really not a good fit, you can put in your 30 days notice.

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