Why Locum Tenens?

Partnering with a locum tenens company gives hospitals, medical practices, and organizations the flexibility to overcome a variety of staffing challenges. That way, patients are able to get the care they need — without worrying about physician vacancies!

Why Locum Tenens?

Providers Who Go Locum

Healthcare professionals work locum tenens assignments for a number of reasons. Locum tenens lets you experience working in different locations and facilities before (or instead of) making a full-time commitment.

This is especially valuable in the healthcare industry, where practice styles and settings can make or break a work experience. Being a locum provider means you get to enjoy a level of career flexibility that allows you to control the amount of hours and days you work, for the rate you want.

Locum Tenens Benefits You



As a new graduate, locum tenens gives you real-world experience to help you bolster your resume and build confidence in your abilities. Thanks to the flexibility that comes with locum tenens work, you can try different assignments to get an idea of what type of setting you prefer most.


Entering the twilight of your career, but not looking to fully retire? Locum tenens helps seasoned physicians, dentists, NPs, and PAs scale back their hours while still providing care to those who need it.


If you’re several years into your career, there’s a good chance you’re beginning to feel burned out by the rigorous schedule and workload. Locum tenens lets you take a step back and rethink how you’d like to approach your career. Want to travel, take on fewer hours, or only work weekdays? With locum tenens, you can.

Locum Tenens Is Fast


As an added bonus, the process of hiring locum providers is quicker and more streamlined than hiring full-time staff. Locum agencies usually offer medical malpractice insurance and support for licensing and credentialing, and they cover travel and housing expenses.

Need more reasons to try the locum life?

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Hiring Locum Tenens

Round Out Your Team

Locum tenens is a strategic tool when it comes to hiring healthcare talent. Managing a medical staff, whether big or small, is complex and challenging. There are many situations during which healthcare facilities should take advantage of locum tenens staffing, such as:

  • Urgent needs because of unexpected absences.
  • Vacation or illness coverage.
  • Leaves of absence (such as maternity leave or sabbatical leave).
  • Stopgap coverage while recruiting a permanent physician, dentist, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner
  • Supplementing existing staff during unanticipated or seasonal spikes in patient volume.
  • Ramping up a new service line or facility.