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Barton Associates has the resources and scale needed to help hospitals, medical practices, and organizations across the U.S. efficiently manage physician, dentist, physician assistant, and nurse practitioner staffing challenges in a wide variety of medical specialties.

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As a leading healthcare staffing agency, our recruiters and staffing specialists are trained to help facilities, large and small, nationwide, fill their open roles.

Organizations across the United States are struggling to find immediate placement providers - that's where locum tenens providers step in.

Our experienced recruiting team conducts thorough interviews and reference checks to ensure that we have the best network of locum tenens physicians, dentists, physician assistants, CRNAs, and nurse practitioners in the industry.

Learn more about how Barton can help you staff your hospital, dental office, urgent care, or telehealth (to name a few!).

Who We Work With

Partnership Overviews


Barton Associates built its business around supporting hospital executives with their short-term talent acquisition needs. Having direct access to high-quality talent is critical to ensuring hospitals have the manpower they need to treat a high volume of patients. 

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Private Practices

In a private practice, managing patient flow is crucial to maintaining an efficient operation. Barton has worked with hundreds of private practices to help ensure they have the necessary talent on hand to meet patient demands. 

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Higher Education

Barton understands the unique needs of health and wellness centers in colleges and universities, placing providers in a clinic or mental health counseling roles, and continuing access of whole-body care for student populations across the United States.

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Dental Offices

Demand for dentists is at an all-time high, thanks to a combination of an aging dentist workforce and increased access to dental services for children and seniors. Barton works with hundreds of dentists across the United States, giving you the ability to fill your open dental position quickly and efficiently. 

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In-Home Health and Well-Being Assessment Services

Barton works with a number of in-home health and well-being assessment services organizations that have sent anywhere from five to more than 5,000 providers out to patients’ doorsteps.

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Corporate Clinics

Barton has years of experience working with companies to staff their corporate clinics. Partnering with Barton means you get access to the healthcare talent needed to offer your employees excellent care while gaining better control over your company’s healthcare costs.

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Insurance Companies

Get timely and efficient access to talented healthcare clinicians that provide high-quality, evidenced-based medical reviews across all 50 states. 

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Urgent Care

Staffing new facilities and supporting high patient loads have always been core challenges for urgent care managers. Working with Barton Associates means you have access to a range of talent ready to provide care.

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Telehealth Services

Barton Telehealth is a flexible, multispecialty telemedicine staffing solution designed to help hospitals, practices, and companies manage a wide variety of long- and short-term staffing challenges.

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