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We work with thousands of hospitals, medical practices, and organizations across the United States that need talented providers for short- and long-term engagements.

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Become a Locum Tenens Physician

Earn more, see more, experience more, as a locum physician with Barton Associates

The number of physician locum tenens jobs grows every day as more companies, practices, and hospitals turn to locum tenens physicians to fill their vacant positions. To put it in plain terms, demand is high and supply is low. 

The combination of an aging population, an increase in insured Americans, an aging physician workforce, and a limit on the number of residency spots, has led the AAMC to estimate that the United States could face a shortage of as many as 139,000 physicians by 2033. Locum tenens physicians help to solve this problem. 

Ready For Your Next Physician Job Opportunity?

Whether you are board certified, or non-board certified, Barton has an opportunity for you. Our providers enjoy freedom and career flexibility, with short- and long-term opportunities, and even telehealth jobs for physicians. We work with all specialties, too!

Barton Reviews

Locum Tenens Physician Success Stories

Barton Reviews

Dr. Naveen R. - "I love working with Barton Associates Locum's division. All the consultant recruiters and associates are very insightful and helpful with the transition. Whether you are looking for a seasonal locums or career in locums, Barton is the way to go. Special thanks to Brien Taylor"

Dr. Richard M., Locum Tenens Physician"Barton is THE BEST! Everyone I have talked to has been very professional and wonderful to work with...we do plan on a long and successful association with Barton for years to come."

Dr. E., Physician, Locum Tenens Provider"I have no complaints about Barton; the interactions controlled by them were met with the usual high standard of professionalism that I have come to expect."

Pros of Being a Locum Tenens Physician

Read About What Makes Being a Locum Tenens Physician a Great Career Path

Do you know what it means to be a locum tenens physician? Whether it be from your studies, chatter from colleagues, or independent research of your own, at some point you've probably heard about locum tenens. It's good that you are aware of it, but did you realize what a great opportunity it truly is? As a locum tenens provider, you will experience being a physician from a whole new perspective. Here are some of the pros of going locum:

- Pick your own schedule

- Experience new practice settings

- Have the potential to earn more than your permanent counterpart 

- Travel anywhere in the country

On top of all the wonderful reasons to become a locum tenens provider, you will also be performing meaningful work. The purpose of locum tenens providers is to help staff underserved areas and facilities that are in immediate need of coverage. In most cases, patients would be going unseen without the help of locum tenens providers. 

Barton's 3-Step Process

How It Works

Barton coordinates your job search from start to finish!



We’ll schedule a phone consultation with a Barton Associates team member to discuss your interests, goals, and work history in order to get a sense of what you’re looking for in your next job.

Your Barton team will then go to work, compiling a list of open jobs in our extensive network that match your interests and skill set.



Once you’ve had a chance to evaluate your list of opportunities, your Barton rep will submit your information to facility you want to take an assignment at.

If there’s a match, we’ll work with the client manager on next steps.



Don’t worry! Barton Associates will handle licensing, credentialing, and travel arrangements before you arrive.

Your Barton rep will also work with your new facility to ensure you’re set up and ready to go on day one.


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