Locum Tenens Interview Checklist

Posted on: July 07, 2022

written by

Karina Kagramanov

No matter how much experience you may have interviewing, if you’re brand new to the world of locum tenens, going on your first-ever interview for a locum job can be nerve-wracking. While there are definitely similarities between an interview for a permanent position or a locum position at any healthcare facilities, there are also some ins and outs you’ll have to go over with your recruiter before jumping in!

Your recruiter will know exactly how to best prepare you before your first locum job interview, and may have more or less details for you depending on the closeness of your relationship, and what they know about the facility.

Download our Locum Tenens Interview Checklist today to learn how to prepare with your recruiter, and know what information to make note of!

Locum Tenens Interview Checklist

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