Locum Usage Trends 2021

Posted on: April 07, 2022

Barton Associates Client Survey Results | Locum Usage Trends 2021

As our 2021 Client Telehealth Survey’s name suggests, our survey report mainly focuses on facility adoption, usage, maintenance, and future plans surrounding telehealth. However, as a locum tenens agency, naturally, we wanted to dig deeper to find out how facilities are utilizing locum tenens providers and agencies for their staffing needs.

We asked staffing managers across the United States how they used locum tenens providers and agencies at their facilities in 2021. The results shown in our Locum Usage Trends 2021 Infographic show that not only did a majority of facilities utilize locum tenens providers in 2021, but a sizeable portion of these facilities’ staffing mixes consisted of locum tenens providers as well. We also found trends for the top specialties where facilities used locums for coverage, and discovered how many agencies facilities generally seem to stay loyal to.

Respondents' facility types include hospitals, private practices, dental offices, corporate clinics, and IHS facilities.

Click to Read the Locum Usage Trends 2021 Infographic

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