Benefits of Working Locum Tenens [VIDEO]

Posted on: July 16, 2019

written by

Julie Shea


If you’re a physician, NP, PA, dentist or CRNA, you know how difficult a career in healthcare can be. Long hours, school loans, office politics and high patient loads are just a fraction of what you have to deal with. As a result, many healthcare professionals look to locum tenens as an option for their next career move.

Locum tenens providers have the flexibility to choose where they travel, near or far, and can pick the length of assignment that suits their personal preferences and professional goals.

Working assignments that range from a single day to over a year, the flexibility that is created by your unconventional work schedules allows you the opportunity to volunteer, spend time with your family and friends, take extended vacations... How you spend your time is up to you!

Think about it! When you’re engaged, rested and well-paid, you’re able to provide better care, which benefits everyone — especially your patients.

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