I'm a PA Because of Work-Life Balance

Posted on: October 09, 2015

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Sara Seng

Throughout the month of September, we asked physician assistants (PAs) across our Facebook and Twitter channels to help us celebrate PA Week by finishing the line, “I’m a PA because…” 

Check out part four of our results!

"I'm a PA because I can honestly say that I love my profession. I enjoy the unique rapport and connection that PAs and patients share. Work-life balance is key and another reason becoming a PA is absolutely the best for me!" — Allison Fout

"I became a PA because I LOVE medicine and helping people and wanted more flexibility than being a physician. I've been practicing for a very fulfilling nine years and look forward to many more! I love our profession and am proud to be a PA!" — Allison Kae

"I love being a PA! I love being a mom! I can be both. I chose correctly!" — Marivel Rodriguez Lujan

"I'm a PA because it is the most rewarding profession I could have ever chosen in healthcare. I can practice medicine effectively and enjoy life at the same time. My patients appreciate the care that I and all PAs give because we genuinely put them first!" — Gladys Wilkins

"Because becoming a PA has made a great life!" — Cindy Hildebrand

"I have been a PA for the past 30 years and I have enjoyed every day working in emergency medicine. I work to make money and support my five children. However, I must admit I could not have picked a more perfect way of earning a living!" — Lenny Chornock

"I have been a cardiac PA for 19 years now, it has allowed me to help people, save lives, work on a great collaborative team that respects me and given me the personal opportunity to build my own life and family. Balanced dedication, a rare option in career choices." — Kim Palmeri

"Because it allows me to practice medicine without being in the military or in an ambulance without going to med school. It allows my wife to stay home with our kids. It allows me to provide for my family and self. It allows me to be more than satisfied in my vocation. A vocation that provides me with self worth. A vocation that humbles me. A vocation that fills me with pride and happiness. A vocation that allows me to change my specialty whenever I desire. I explain to folks that I have the best job in the world, but have a hard time putting it into words." — Nathan-Nate Cameron

"Greatest decision I ever made! Great lifestyle!" — Debi Roeder Wilson

"For me, my biology degree led to jobs in a lab all day...mom suggested the healthcare field because you would always have a job but nursing was not a good fit and spending 8+ years to become doctor was less appealing. PA profession offered best of two worlds: enough autonomy without the red tape. Sometimes your parents are right!" — Therese Kossuth

"It happens to be the most flexible, challenging, rewarding, and learning career out there! At times underappreciated but that's the nature of the job!" — Jess Beach Glanz

"I want to practice medicine, AND have a life." — Mimi Ellis

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