States You Can Get a CRNA License in Under Six Weeks

Posted on: August 05, 2021

written by

Chris Keeley

Chances are you have chosen the locum tenens career path because of its flexible nature. A key factor in a provider’s decision to go locum is often having the ability to travel around the country. One of the major things holding providers back is not having the appropriate state license.

As you know, each state has their own timeframe in which a new license can be issued. However, here are the states where you can get a new CRNA license in six weeks or less.

Read on to learn about the specifics of each state.

Additional Information


CRNA applicants must have earned at least a master's degree, or post-master's certificate in advanced practice nursing from an accredited graduate program in nurse anesthesia recognized by the Board. If the CRNA graduated from an accredited school of nurse anesthesia prior to 12/31/2003, they are exempt from the master's degree requirement.

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The CRNA may administer anesthesia if they act under the direction of and in the immediate presence of a physician.

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