The IMLC: Creating Opportunities for Healthcare Professionals

Posted on: October 22, 2019


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Chris Keeley

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The Interstate Medical Licensure Compact (IMLC) provides a way for providers to obtain a new state medical license through an expedited process. In the competitive world of locum tenens, the IMLC allows providers to be presented for positions despite not already being licensed in the particular state with a serious chance of consideration. With the IMLC, licenses that typically take months to receive only take a matter of days.

Why Should I Apply?

At Barton Associates, our recruiters and account managers are masters of their craft. They have such an in-depth knowledge of the market that they often understand it better than most providers. Our recruiters and account managers understand the market sometimes more than our providers do. We know where our best clients are and know which licenses are the most beneficial to have even if there is not a listing. For example, most Barton account managers have their “go-to” clients for particular specialties. What this means is that even though there may not be a position open at the moment, the chances are high there will be a need in the near future. This information allows Barton’s providers to start the licensing process so when the job comes out, they’re licensed. Now, imagine that, but with 22 states and counting!

What’s the Process?

No need to fear, we are here to give you a brief overview of the IMLC process. All of the following information was taken directly from If you are interested in applying, thoroughly read the details directly from the website.

To start, there is a seven-hundred dollar application fee. During the application, you will be prompted to select your State of Principal License (SPL). Once your SPL receives your application, you will be contacted with instructions on obtaining your fingerprints in order to complete a criminal background check. Once you have passed the background check, you will receive an email with a link containing your states. You then can download your Letter of Qualification.

Now, how does Barton come into play?

If you have done locum work before, you know Barton Associates has their own licensing and credentialing team. If you have the IMLC, Barton’s licensing team can obtain your expedited license for you. Having the IMLC allows the Barton team to do their job in a more timely manner and get you out to your new assignment in your new state.

Which States are Included?

Final Points

One of the main benefits to being a locum tenens provider is traveling. With the IMLC, you significantly broaden your work environment. Escape the cold weather of the north and work through the winter on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Want to experience extreme skiing? Get a license in Colorado or Utah and hit the slopes. Want to experience autumn in New England? Go to Maine or New Hampshire!"

The IMLC opens countless opportunities for providers that once seemed unimaginable.

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