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Maximize Your Role in Closing the Addiction Treatment Gap [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted on: April 24, 2018


written by

Claire Cavanaugh

April 23–29 is Addiction Treatment Week. At Barton Associates, we want to thank the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) for sponsoring this important initiative to spread awareness about the disease and its treatments, take action toward patient recovery, and encourage more providers to pursue the addiction medicine specialty.

Providers have been called upon to help close a treatment gap that leaves the majority of addiction sufferers untreated every year. With that in mind, we want to do our part in helping physicians and advanced-practice clinicians continuously improve addiction treatment in the U.S.

These ramifications go beyond the numbers — and patients need your care now. In our new infographic, we explore facts and figures behind the American addiction epidemic, what you can do to keep helping, and how Barton can guide you through next steps. Check it out below:

Addiction Epidemic V4 1

How will you maximize your role in closing the addiction treatment gap? We hope our insight was helpful in your ongoing efforts to provide care and guidance to patients in need across the country.

Ready to get started now? See our open addiction medicine jobs.

Claire Cavanaugh
About Claire Cavanaugh

Claire Cavanaugh was formerly the copywriter at Barton Associates' Peabody, MA, headquarters. She joined Barton after four years of blogging as a student ambassador for St. Michael's College, where she received a bachelor of arts in media studies, journalism, and digital arts.

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