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Posted on: November 21, 2019

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Dr. Chris L., OBGYN

Dr. Chris L. is a board certified OB/GYN, locum tenens provider, and Barton Ambassador! For his most recent assignment, Dr. Chris left his home state of Oklahoma to take an assignment in North Dakota, and travels back and forth between the two states. The following blog post is an update from Dr. Chris:

At this point, I have been traveling between my home in Oklahoma and my assignment in North Dakota for 8 months. Both places feel like home, despite being so different.

The great thing about traveling back and forth for work is that I still get to see my son play football in Oklahoma. This is part of the reason I originally started doing locums work - to be there for moments like these. The whole family cheers him on when we go to games!

While the weather is still warm in Oklahoma, it is already snowing in North Dakota. Here’s a view from the house, including the fence that I built! 

My locum assignment is still going well - I actually made the decision last month to extend it through the end of the year. Going back and forth and spending more time with my sons is awesome, so I’m not looking to make any changes right now. In the future, however, I’m happy to have the flexibility!

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Dr. Chris

About Dr. Chris L., OBGYN

Dr. Chris L., D.O., OBGYN, is a board certified physician who spent 13 years in private practice before starting locum tenens with Barton Associates. Originally from Oklahoma, Dr. Chris recently extended his first locum tenens assignment in North Dakota. Updates from his assignment will appear on Barton Associates' blog and social media pages. 

To follow his journey, visit Barton Associates on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

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