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Happy National Doctors’ Day! Thank You From Barton Associates [VIDEO]

Posted on: March 30, 2018


written by

Jess Huckins

Happy National Doctors’ Day! This year, we’re honoring physicians and expressing our gratitude for everything you do to keep our strained healthcare system moving. How? We asked Barton team members from our Peabody, MA, headquarters and Worcester, MA, office to share why they love working with you! We’re honored to play a part in growing your careers, helping you achieve work-life balance, and bringing you to places where patients need you most.

Watch our newest video to learn why our team is so grateful:

Thank you for sharing part of your special day with Barton Associates. Please help us spread warmth and appreciation for physicians everywhere by sharing this video with your network of colleagues.

One more time: Happy National Doctors’ Day!

How are you celebrating National Doctors’ Day? Check out our Interactive State Physician Licensing Guide to learn about how your career might vary from state to state, then find your next locum tenens job.

Jess Huckins
About Jess Huckins

Jess Huckins was formerly the managing editor at Barton Associates’ Peabody, MA, headquarters. She joined Barton after nearly a decade of professional editing in the publishing, marketing, and healthcare fields, and she holds a master's degree in publishing and writing. 

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