How Nurse Practitioners Unwind During COVID-19

Posted on: December 17, 2020

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Barton Team

Healthcare burnout is real, and it's not just experienced by physicians. Nurse Practitioners experience professional burnout too- especially when they are working long hours, in demanding settings, and without a break.

At Barton Associates, we know that NPs work hard, and many are under more stress than usual due to the effects of COVID-19. This is why for NP Week 2020, we focused largely on self care - giving away a meal service delivery kit (a way to skip the grocery store and still cook healthy meals at home!). We also asked Nurse Practitioners on social media to share how they care for themselves when things get especially busy. 

Hundreds of NPs shared their answers to the question,  and we loved reading their responses. Here are some of our favorites - and we hope that they will give you some ideas for ways to de-stress, too! 

Get Moving

From yoga to swimming and walks, many NPs said they like to get moving:

Get Pampered

Treat yo'self! Massages, face masks, and spa days were all common choices across Instagram and Facebook:

Connect with Friends & Family

Whether it's via video chat or in-person, connecting with family and friends can be a great way to unwind:

Spend Time on a Passion

We loved hearing about these NPs' unique hobbies! What is your activity of choice when you have the time?

Tap into Faith 

When things are tough, these NPs choose to make time for faith:

Spend Time in Nature

Getting into the great outdoors, for many, was a way to rejuvenate:

Take Some Quiet Time

With many NPs working in busy medical centers, it makes sense that time alone can be a welcome respite:

Get Far, Far Away 

For NPs who need to get away, a change of scenery can do wonders!

"Guilty" Pleasures

Whether it's lots of carbs, a special desert, or retail therapy, let's be honest - you deserve it!

There you have it - the top answers from over 200 NPs who responded on social media. Be sure to follow us there so you don't miss an update or conversation!

Lastly, are you interested in leaving a stressful work environment for new opportunities? Locum work, for many, leads to less burnout, increased flexibility, and the opportunity to travel more. 

Want to learn more about locum tenens with Barton Associates? Fill out the form and one of our representatives will reach out to you!

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