How to Bridge Your Staffing Gap With Locum Tenens [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted on: August 14, 2018

written by

Claire Cavanaugh

When faced with planned or unexpected vacancies, healthcare facilities across the country rely on locum tenens solutions to bridge their staffing gap. With patient care and revenue on the line, qualified providers are often needed sooner rather than later. That’s why contract medical staffing can be a quick fix — in fact, an agency can have a locum at your doorstep in as little as 24 hours.

When weighing your options on a long-term basis, however, locum tenens staffing becomes more than a stopgap solution. Could a locum save you time and money in ways a permanent provider can’t? We lay out the facts in our new infographic. Check it out below:

While you wait to hire a permanent provider, locum tenens staffing can keep your doors open. Beyond that, locum providers are a viable long-term solution to maintain quality of care and ROI.

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