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Avoid Delays in Credentialing Locums During COVID-19

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Guide to Surviving the Physician Shortage [Free Download]

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    Hobbies That Travel Well

    Just because you're on the road doesn't mean you need to set aside hobbies you enjoy. Wondering what hobbies are particularly amenable to a locum tenens' lifestyle? Here are eight portable ways to enjoy your free time away from home. The first few are best suited for metropolitan areas while the fin...

    Teresa Otto, MD Teresa Otto, MD | July 15, 2020

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    Guide to Reopening After COVID-19 [Free Download]

    As a partner and a resource in the area of staffing, licensing, and credentialing, Barton Associates has created a guide to reopening, to be used by your hospital, clinic, or small facility. Broken up into three sections, the guide includes a detailed list of points to discuss as you reope...

    Barton Team Barton Team | June 09, 2020

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    Interview with First Time Locum Greg J., NP [VIDEO]

    Have you been inspired by healthcare professionals across the globe who responding to COVID-19? Greg J., NP was, so he took his first locum tenens assignment through Barton on Long Island as a result. In this video, he talks about how the assignment has gone so far. ...

    Ellen Lowry Ellen Lowry | June 03, 2020

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    Recommendations for Do-Not-Resuscitate Orders in the Perioperative Period

    We all strive to do right by our patients, including abiding by their wishes surrounding resuscitation during surgery. I’m guilty of visibly cringing when I see the dreaded Do-Not-Resuscitate (DNR) sticker on the front of the chart. “This is a bad sign,” crosses my mind. In the brief amount of time ...

    Teresa Otto, MD Teresa Otto, MD | May 21, 2020

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    Maintain Healthy Relationships While Commuting

    How do you maintain healthy relationships while you commute hundreds or thousands of miles to work? It can be hard enough when you commute 30 or 60 minutes to work, what happens when you leave for a week at a time?...

    Gail Clifford, MD Gail Clifford, MD | May 18, 2020

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    Medical Documents: Tips for Staying Organized

    Continuing Medical Education (CME) courses and credit, Medical License and Board certifications, Maintenance of Certification (MOC), Basic Life Support (BLS), Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS), and more! There are so many documents that healthcare providers need to keep track of. Having an...

    Dr. ​Eki Abrams, MD Dr. ​Eki Abrams, MD | May 12, 2020

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    Mental Health Trends in America Due to COVID-19

    For the past several weeks, the Mental Health Association of America (MHA) has been using its unique database to monitor daily increase in anxiety due to the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the MHA’s screening data, Americans experienced a 19 percent increase in screening for clinical anxi...

    Ellen Lowry Ellen Lowry | May 06, 2020

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    Succeeding as a Remote Manager

    Healthcare workers are usually on the front lines, but often healthcare management and administrative staff may work remotely. This can result in a combination of remote, and on site, employees. ...

    Maureen Bonatch MSN, RN Maureen Bonatch MSN, RN | May 05, 2020

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    States Lifting Restrictions on Dentistry Procedures Right Now [COVID-19]

    While bans on dental procedures have varied from state to state during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are now seeing some of these restrictions starting to lift. Originally intended to help dedicate resources to fighting the virus, we have seen changes to the rules for dentistry in the following states. ...

    Barton Team Barton Team | April 29, 2020

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    What Value do Locum Tenens Providers Bring to Healthcare Facilities?

    More healthcare organizations are turning to locum tenens, and for good reason. Locum tenens providers can be extremely valuable to healthcare organizations that are struggling to keep their patients and staff happy. The value of locum tenens also extends beyond the convenience; they can be valuable...

    Tayla Holman Tayla Holman | April 28, 2020