State of the Locum Market 2020 [WHITEPAPER]

Posted on: September 11, 2020

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Barton Team

As the locum tenens experts, Barton Associates prides itself on being at the forefront of a rapidly growing, multi-billion dollar industry. Our mission is to provide best-in-class healthcare staffing services to our clients and providers through locum tenens staffing - and every day, our clients and providers rely on us to have the best knowledge, information, and resources in the field.

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Just as a true expert seeks out opportunities to stay up-to-date on their craft, Barton Associates is constantly learning how to better help our providers and clients. Understanding their motivations, what they like and dislike allows us to better understand the locum tenens market and fulfill our mission.

Our survey asked questions like:

  • Why do locum tenens providers start locum work?
  • Why do they continue?
  • What are their favorite/ least favorite parts?
  • Does experience level play a role in providers’ answers to the above questions?

By looking at the data gathered through the lens of experience, we were able to gain unique insights into the typical locum provider’s career, including what they take out of locum tenens work in the beginning, middle, and end of their career. We learned why providers with less than 5 years in practice do locum work for highly different reasons than their more experienced colleagues, and why both groups started locum tenens to begin with.

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We're Barton Associates, the Locum Tenens Experts. We work with thousands of hospitals, medical practices, and organizations across the United States and its territories that need talented providers for short- and long-term engagements. Inspired by the pioneering, humanitarian work of Clara Barton, the Barton Team recruits physicians, PAs, NPs, dentists and CRNAs in a wide variety of specialties, so that we can quickly place them in locum tenens assignments nationwide.

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