Tax Guide for Locum Tenens Providers (2018 Edition)

Posted on: February 21, 2019

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Barton Team

Last month, locum tenens tax expert Andrew D. Schwartz, CPA, partnered with the Barton Associates team to develop the “2018–2019 Tax Guide for Locum Tenens Providers” — and helped hundreds of locum tenens providers during our webinar prepare to get the most out of their tax returns in the process!

The Bad News

If you watched last year's webinar or downloaded our 2017-2018 tax guide, that information is no longer relevant for this year’s upcoming tax cycle.

The Good News

We worked with Andrew and our finance team to produce a new guide for the 2018–2019 tax year, where we outline updated information tailored to locum tenens providers like you. In the new guide, you'll read about topics such as:

  • Which locum tenens–related tax deductions to take advantage of,
  • How to earn the most from your retirement contributions,
  • Best practices for tax planning,
  • How to minimize your healthcare costs,
  • What the new “QBI” deduction means for you,
  • And more!

Tax returns aren’t intimidating when you’re prepared with the right information!

Ready to Get Started? Let’s take a closer look at what locum tenens providers can do to take advantage of the benefits of being an independent contractor in our free "Tax Guide for Locum Tenens Providers"!



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