NPs and the Future: What’s the Next Big Challenge Facing Nurse Practitioners? [VIDEO]

Posted on: February 13, 2018

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Jess Huckins

During National Nurse Practitioner Week, which took place November 12–18, 2017, we surveyed nurse practitioners regarding the next big challenge their profession would have to face. The responses blew us away, so we brought in some of our recruiters and account managers to help us share them with you.

Watch some of the top answers regarding NPs and the future, as told by Barton Associates team members:

Here is the complete transcript:

Zach A., Content Marketing Specialist

“At Barton Associates, we surveyed NPs as part of our celebration of 2017's Nurse Practitioner Week on the biggest challenges they thought they would face in the future of their profession. The responses were thoughtful and varied. Here are some of the best.”

Emily M., Senior Recruiter

“What is the next big challenge the nurse practitioner profession will have to overcome?”

Ricardo N., Account Development Manager

“Being more recognized. There are more people who have no clue what a nurse practitioner is.”

Nader N., Senior Recruiter

“Not being referred to as midlevels.”

Briana P., Senior Recruiter

“Independent practice and better acceptance from other providers and insurance companies.”

Nader N., Senior Recruiter

“Equal reimbursement for equal work.”

Emily M., Senior Recruiter

“Stagnant salaries. The glass ceiling.”

Trevor S., Recruiter

“Everybody wants an NP. Nobody wants to pay for one.”

Briana P., Senior Recruiter

“The damn EMR! Too much charting. Ridiculous!”

Emily M., Senior Recruiter

“The right to be recognized as primary care providers on all private insurance carriers as well as government insurances.”

Trevor S., Recruiter

“Making healthcare affordable for working Americans.”

The Barton Associates team is here to help you work through these challenges and more. Get in touch, and let’s improve the NP profession together!

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